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I have a digital blood pressure monitor and had the nerve to measure my heart rate and blood pressure during a few anxiety attacks.

The numbers are systolic pressure, diastolic pressure and pulse.

During not so severe anxiety attacks:
130, 110, 140
150, 85, 115
160, 90, 115

Resting and somewhat anxious/at the doctor's:
140, 95, 85

Resting and no worries for a while:
125, 85, 75

I was really anxious for four weeks non stop in the beginning once, heart racing al the time. But over time severity and duration of attacks became less. Having some reference and knowing you survived before helps.

Day long anxiety can leave me extremely exhausted too.
And if you're anxious and stressed you can expect a somewhat higher heart rate. Try to take your mind of your heart rate.
Take a walk, talk with somebody, watch some sweet romantic comedy, read a book, feed the birds, do some light gardening or whatever diverts your attention.

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