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I just ran across your oldest post. I wrote to you about the new drug you ask about, closer to the top of the list.
Just to let you know a little about myself without going into heavy details, i have had sever panic attacks everyday on top of anxiety 24/7 for many years.
It effected every aspect of my life because i had a dr that tryed to help me , but i wasn't on enough of the only drug that helped.But it did take away the panic attacks, and stopped it cold in it's tracks only for the the 4 hours it stays in your system.But the anticipatory feelings of another attack after the 4 hours were still there.
He would not go up on the drug.
Well i got sick of living a limited life, had to plan everything around my PD. I changed Dr in Maycsomething i should have done years ago,, and he changed me over from regular xanax to xanax XR, and raised my dose 2 mg's.
IT CHANGED MY LIFE.I now have the regular anxiety just once in a while like everyone else, you know before you go to a dentist, or before you talk in front of the public.Nothing that requires meds. BUT NOW NO PANIC ATTACKS OR BAD ANXIETY!!I had them daily for 20 some years, and i have a new lease on life. I wake up refreshed and go to bed and sleep like a baby.I was on every drug in combination you are on,and now only Zanax XR. Not suggesting that you do the same, but this is new to the USA, Europe has had it for at least 6 years and it was available to us may 2003.
I have been to Cognitive therapy groups and it helps a lot of people but you try and breath your way through a major panic attck, it is impossible especilly at 4 am in the morning or in a car 40 miles from your home. It is proven to be a disease that is an imbalance of chemicals in your brain ,and they really don't know why, only speculation. There are many medications on the market claiming to cure panic disorder, but there is no cure, only meds to get rid of the symptoms, and most of the time a combination causes more problems than the attacks themselves.I am panic free, and no side effects, for 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Haven't had any breakthrough attacks being on Zanax xr. The key to the extended release Zanax is working with you DR and titrating the level where your body is anxiey free.I don't even know i am on it, only getting to the right level you will be tired and sleepy, and it goes away in 4 days.
Some dr's hate benzo's, but that have never had a panic attack either.

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