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[i]yeah, i am dealing with my panic attacks better too. but now i'm experiencing lower-grade symptoms more often. meaning, i'm still getting a little "out of body" dizziness, but its not as severe as the panic attack ones, but it happens more often.[/i]

Actually, this is a sign (that you are now getting "lower-grade symptoms") that you are getting better. It takes a long time to get out of this illness. Be patient. Eventually, even the lower-grade symptoms will disappear.

There is also a thing called "disassociation" where you sometimes feel as if you are "floating". These are also just symptoms of stress - nothing to panic over. I believe it is basically your mind's way of coping with stress, that's all. If you don't focus on it, it will just disappear after a while. I had those feelings too.

[i]Its so hard to believe all these things i'm feeling are really just anxiety.[/i]

I know, I didn't either. But, then again, I had NEVER in my whole life had gone through the anxiety I did back then.

You would be surprised at what anxiety does to your body. Right now, I am suffering with rheumatoid arthritis and I find that when I get anxious at my computer over something, my entire body tenses up, including my joints. This doesn't happen when I am not anxious. Again, anxiety causes many many symptoms.

[i]I feel dizzy al of the time and I went to the doc today and she thinks it could be my anxiety and allergys[/i]

My guess, it is your anxiety causing this.

[i]I just got the book from panic to power my lucinda bassett!![/i]

Back when I was panicking, I read Dr. Claire Weeks' books, one being "Hope and Help for Your Nerves". I also got her tapes, but most helpful were my weekly anxiety support meetings where people gave me skads of information on panic disorder.

[i]but can you feel a lil off balance, little lightheaded, and things of that nature when your just sittin around and talkin to friends? i guess the point i'm trying to make is, can you really be showing these kinda physical symptoms when your not worrying or having a full blown panic attack?[/i]

Yes, I used to all the time. It's anxiety. And, yes, you can have them without worrying about an attack because anxiety comes up on many levels - some of them very very deep, and sometimes you are not aware of it. For instance, my mother once became very very anxious and depressed when she had heard that an orphaned girl taken in by a relative of mine was killed in a car accident. It brought back feelings of her own chaotic childhood and her own father's death at a young age. Even though she couldn't understand why she was panicking and getting severely anxious over this, what it did was trigger deep feelings of her own childhood. Actually, sometimes it can take just a minor thing like visiting a certain area, seeing a certain person, etc. Sometimes you can get flooded with emotions when encountering certain things and not know why because it happens on a very deep level and is often connected to past experiences.

That is why, it is often good too, to learn your coping skills on how to handle panic attacks when they come, and also get into therapy. There is nothing to be ashamed of in going to therapy nowadays. Everyone does it. Hey, I even hear Howard Stern talking about his therapy ALL THE TIME!

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