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Oct 6, 2003
Thanks everybody, day at work went well, good to be back to some sort of normality. Yes Special, beta blockers have worked well for me, I think this is because my attacks always start with chest pain that develops into rapid heart beat. Then I think Im going to die due to heart attack ( you know the senario ). I take beta blocker when I feel chest pain and anxious, which reduces heart beat, in turn no panic attack and no thinking Im dying or going mad. Its interesting to hear people take it for high blood pressure, I have always had very low blood pressure, perhaps this is why it works for me. I have been given valium and anti-depressants, which just spaced me out and made matters worse. Iam from England and I dont know what xenax is could someone tell me please, is it like valium. I do hope you all find the right meds for you and thanks again for support x

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