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Hi everyone this is bits and pieces from another forum open to the public. I thought it had an interesting topic seeing as thats what most of us with panic anxiety worry about. This discussion was written within the last couple of months, and include the opinions of two people going to nursing school.

been working out seen a cardio doc and all that, i still have a resting pulse of like 80-100bpm, i keep having horrible thoughts that im going to die young because my heart will wear out too quickly...

anyone know? my EKG and my stress test were perfect... what gives?!?

I am not a doctor but I am always worried about my heart rate so I have reseached a little bit and 80-100 bpm really isn't high. A VERY athletic person can have a resting heart rate of 50-60 bpm but a normal person usually has one between 70-90. I don't think that 100 is DANGEROUS but I don't like it if mine gets that high although it hasn't since I got back on meds
There are a lot of sights you can go to to check it out for yourself. I just typed 'normal heart rate' on my search and came up with loads of sites.
I don't know if a constant high heart rate will shorten your life. I don't know if your heart has a max amount of beats before it gives out. Everyone is different I think.
But like the last post-er said, if it is worrying you ask your Dr. He/she can probably put your mind at ease thar you are ok. Maybe an antianxiety med would help. That is why mine use to race.
Good luck!

I'm a nursing student and 60 - 100 bpm is considered normal. Each person is different; however, beats over 100 is considered to be tachycardic and can occur normally if a person is exercising, stressed, anxious, etc. If you experience symptoms such as lightheadedness/fainting, shortness of breath, chest pain, or nausea you need to see a physician immediately.

If you've had EKGs and they're normal, then I wouldn't worry too much (worrying can cause it to increase by itself!). If you had ANY problems, they'd show up in the EKG.

I've had concerns as well about my heart rate. Mine usually runs 85 bpm. Do you drink caffeine? Mine definitely goes up after a couple cups of coffee!

I used to go to Wal-mart 3 times a day to check my bp and HR!! I never knew anyone else did that! Keep in mind though that driving to Wal-mart and walking into the store concerned and apprehensive about you HR is NOT a resting heart rate. It is an anxious heart rate. You are worried that is why you are checking it, right? A RESTING heart rate is preferrable after 10 minutes of non-activity or stress. So in many anxious people it is a little hard to get a true resting heart rate.
I bet if you get your anxiety about your heart rate down your heart rate will go down. Catch 22 I know.
Good luck!

P.S. I take klonopin 1/2 .5mg twice a day. Very low dose mild sedative that the dr told me is less addicting that xanax that I use to take and it has really helped lower my anxiety and HR.

I used to get freaked out about my pulse rate too. I've had periods of time (days or weeks) when it's been very high. It won't kill you. The heart is an amazing machine that can take a lot of beats. My advice to you: STOP taking your pulse - every time you do it, you keep your anxiety levels up. Adrenaline and Cortisol make your heartbeat faster. Instead, go for a walk or a run or try some full body relaxation. Over time, these things will help reduce your stress hormone levels.

Hi all,

I'm a nursing student as well. I wonder how many of us students have anxiety issues??

The normal resting pulse rate is 60-100 bpm, but......just like life, it is subjective. One of my classmates has a normal resting pulse rate of a little over 100bpm....that is how her body operates. That would be a problem for me, though, since my normal is in the low 80's.

That being said, my resting pulse rate is now between 107-110 bpm!!!!! It has been this way for the past five months, and I just can't seem to get it to come down. I was having a major flare-up of my social anxiety since January, and my vital readings are obviously agreeing with my mental state!! Lol!! My blood pressure is up as well.

My doctor prescribed me a beta blocker called Inderal. It will lower your blood pressure and heart rate, so that your poor little ole heart doesn't have to work as hard. I said that I'd have an 80-year old's heart by the time I was 40-years old!!! But the Inderal works wonders. I take a 10-mg tablet three times per day.
Within 30-minutes of the dose, my heart rate is down in the lower 70's. My blood pressure also drops down to a nice level. It does not affect my concentration, my energy, my is NOT a psychotropic. It just helps to block that darn ole adrenaline.

Take care! all!

I've had similar problems for many years now-- along with high resting heart rate I used to have poor blood circulation, cold feet, wet palms, etc. My doctor suggested exercise and it did help in many respects. It was problematic at first, since whenever I did cardio, I couldn't last for more than 10 minutes, my heart rate would shoot up to 160 and up in no time, and I wasn't even running -- just walking at a fast pace ( I'm 27 and not overweight). My doctor suggested that I take Atenolol, a type of beta blocker so that I can tolerate even moderate exercise. It did slow down my heartbeat, but it also gave me pretty uncomfortable irregular heartbeat. For the past couple of years I haven't been using it continuously, I only take it one a day before a work out. I feel great now and my resting heart rate went down some, but not much, so it must be individual and although it may seem like it's pretty high, as long as you feel OK and it doesn't bother you, it's probably within what's normal.

One of the most common physical effects of anxiety and panic attacks is an increase in heart rate. Having your heart beat outta your chest is definitely scary, but unless you have a heart condition it's safe. During rigorous exercise I'd often have my heart rate above 175bpm for 45 minutes or more, with no ill effects. My resting heart rate is usually around 80 or so. Keep in mind that the human heart is probably one of the most durable and reliable pumps ever created (from an engineering perspective, that is!). If you live to be 70, your heart will beat about 3 BILLION times! Pretty mind-boggling.

Just make sure to keep an eye on your blood pressure. I also get a blood test at least once a year - my doctor recommends it to all her patients on anti depressants and anti-anxiety drugs.
"Above all else, to thine own self be true."

William Shakespeare


You are NOT resting heart rate stays right around 95 bpm. I used to freak out about it too. No it won't kill's anxiety.
During panic attacks where a dr. has been available, my heart rate has shot up to 180 bpm.
During excercise for 60 minutes or so my heart rate can stay sustained for about 150 bpm.

I have no heart problems whatsoever. Relaxing about it is the best medicine. Maybe you could try to get some excercise. There was one time I sustained a resting heart rate of 80 b/c I had been excercising so much. I felt a lot better.

But don't aren't going to die. It's just your nerves.

that is interesting... I've always had a high resting heart rate.

I've been told time and time again that its not dangerous. But lowering it some will help reduce anxiety, because an increased heart rate is in the mind / body loop that is created by anxiety. And anywhere in that loop that you can have an impact has an effect on anxiety.

I took a small dose of antenelol for years and it reduced my anxiety. It has some of the same effects of taking a minor tranquilizer like xanex or k'pin without the addictive qualities.

Some people can actually lower there own heart rate through meditation and relaxation, however, even though I learned to do those things and they lower my anxiety, I never could manipulate my heart rate, significantly, that way.

I have a great BP for a big ole boy like me, but my heart rate is generally high.

My resting heart rate has been at least 120 for years now. I've had every possible test done and they keep telling me they have no explanation, becuse even on xanax or ativan it only goes down to around 110.

My resting heart rate has fallen around 96 for years now...I thought I was the only person who had such a high resting rate! Feels good to know I'm not the only one.

Although I wonder if it's actually lower, and just gets higher when I get it tested because I start thinking "what if it comes out really high? Will it be 'normal?'" and all these other concerns.

I sometimes think I have a high resting pulse. Around 90-95. But, after reading some posts I do wonder if it is lower when I'm not checking it. It seems as soon as I start to time it everything starts to speed up. I was thinking I had an irregular heartbeat because of this now I wonder if it is anxiety. I try not to take my pulse but I can't seem to get away from it. Sometimes I freak out because I think it is too low. Then I freak out and it skyrockets. So, I'm rarely comfortable with it. I've had tests and nothing is wrong.

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