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Hi there, I am a 23 year old women and I have been suffering from Panic attacks for roughly 7-8 years now since my teens. It has got to the point now though were they seem to be taking over my life, I actually find it hard to even deal with the simple things in life. I have been to see my GP on several occasions, I am on medication for them - Propranolol 40mg. I have had counselling 3 times now and also been private to see a hypnotherapist but none of this seems to have helped, I am now also in the process of doing another set of counselling sessions but again don't feel like I am getting anywhere. I just don't know how to deal with them, they seem to just take over....I feel anxious and panicky on a daily basis, seem to have really bad PA's in social AND any new situations such as going for a meal/drink etc. I cant even go out with friends or invite friends round to the house without being anxious about it,...I just feel so isolated and Alone daily, its ruining my life and my relationship. I feel like I have no-one, I just don't know what to do. Can anyone help? My panic attacks scare me as they make me physically sick so its hard when I am out and having a panic attack as I am sick everywhere, it doesn't just scare me but its also quite embarrasing - its got to the point now where I actually avoid situations as I automatically think I will panic. Its all getting too much now, Its not fair on my partner either, he misses out on doing so much with me....I Hate it, I hate me. Please somebody help. x

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