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I am a 22 year old female with no pre-existing history of anxiety or panic disorder until suddenly two weeks ago after experiencing a sudden episode of tachycardia followed by extreme panic for seemingly no reason. The episode subsided after 35 minutes and I was totally back to normal until later on that night at home the Tachycardia started back up again and I began to feel violently ill and vomited at least seven times and experienced a headache so severe I felt like I had been hit by a sledge hammer, at about 3 A.M I headed to the emergency room and was given an E.C.G and then waited 6 hours for the results in the waiting room (I live in Canada, it's a typical thing) before I was finally called in by the E.R doctor and told my heart was otherwise fine but there was an abnormality found, a Long Q.T wave, and I would be referred to a cardiologist in a months time and that I was fine to go home because my blood test results all came back normal and I was ambulatory. A few days after that on St. Patricks day I was walking in a mall with two girlfriends and was totally fine for over three hours until I suddenly began to experience palpitations, I thought I would just head over to the public washroom to splash some water on my face to calm myself down, but I ended up fainting before even entering the door and was apparently unconscious for two minutes and then taken by ambulance to Grand River Hospital in Cambridge Ontario where I was hooked up to a heart monitor for over 4 hours and given several blood tests that revealed no abnormalities except one Delta Wave on the E.C.G that the doctor seemed to think may be a sign of W.P.W (Wolf-Parkinson-White syndrome) but wouldn't know for sure until I was under the care of a cardiologist.

Three days ago I was supposed to drive to Hamilton Ontario to see a head and neck surgeon about surgical consultation regarding a benign tumor in my neck that was diagnosed two years ago (I've met with him multiple times before) but while on the road I started to again experience tachycardia and extreme nausea, which made me have to turn the car around and go home where I called the receptionist to cancel the appointment that I had waited over 8 months for. I decided that no matter what was going on in my body at the moment it was not as important as this appointment (as the tumor has grown nearly double the size it was two years ago and I desperately need surgery) I phoned back his office and told them I was on my way, while in the car I again experienced tachycardia, a choking sensation, cotton mouth and nausea that seemed to get worse the closer I came to Hamilton and had to pull over on the side of the road due to nausea and ended up vomiting almost fourteen times, I tried to force myself another three times to drive back there but my symptoms kept intensifying and I had to turn the car around and go home. I sobbed hysterically in bed, I was furious at my body for doing this to my and felt absolutely powerless, I took three anti nausea pills to settle my stomach and slept for two hours before suddenly waking up and experiencing tachycardia and a feeling of derealization that absolutely terrified me! I panicked, called a cab and went to the hospital in my city of Guelph, waited for over three hours and was finally seen by a very rude and sarcastic Doctor who was convinced that what I was experiencing was an ''anxiety attack'' and nothing else and basically did nothing but chastise me, he was convinced I was experiencing the attack due to fear of seeing the surgeon in Hamilton, I tried to explain to him that I had met with the surgeon three times in the last two years and never experienced these symptoms or anxiety of any kind, even before while going through the stressful process of finding out what that ''lump in my neck'' was back in late 2009 and waiting five months before finding out if it was Cancer or not I never had one panic attack, not an ounce of anxiety and never even worried about the outcome at all, I was totally calm about the whole thing. Still the doctor was doubtful and kept saying this was all being created by my subconscious mind, I then brought up the fact about the abnormalities on my E.C.G and he snapped at me saying that it was probably nothing and I couldn't have ''Long Q.T syndrome'' (A serious heart rhythm disorder) because it was hereditary and no one in my family had it and that I should just go home and schedule an appointment with Trellis (the Canadian mental health agency) to be diagnosed and put on medication. I tried contacting my family doctor the next day to inquire about a sedative (though I didn't feel anxious) and he told me that he didn't deal with ''mental health issues'' and again told me to contact ''Trellis'', which I did and was given an appointment within six months. for the next two days I was house bound, feeling relatively stable and symptom free until today when I tried going out of the house and driving to a department store, I felt almost fine through the drive until I walked through the parking lot and began to feel ill, then when I walked through the doors my entire body began to shake violently and my heart began to pound worse than ever before and I felt like I was again about to faint or even convulse (a very bizarre feeling) and honest to God couldn't see straight either, I went back out to my car and drove home and then stepped in the shower I then experienced severe sharp pains in my heart that felt as though it was being squeezed and I felt extremely dizzy until I laid back down in bed and everything seemed to calm down.

This is absolutely awful! I just can't have these symptoms any more it is extremely debilitating and destroying my life, I wish this would just go away and everything could go back to normal as it was just two weeks ago. Can anyone offer any words of advice!

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