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Hi. You will have to go to a professional for a real diagnosis but I can tell you that I have been diagnosed with panic disorder and I have had almost every single one of the symptoms that you listed on your post. Anxiety can do crazy things to your body and mind. I used to obsessively search my symptoms on the internet to try to figure out what was "wrong" with me and I have found that a better approach is to look it up as the symptom + the word "anxiety" because it shows you just how many crazy sensations can be due to an anxiety response. What happens to me is the more anxious I am, the more I tense my muscles and over breathe on accident, and then the more symptoms I have and it just turns into a downward spiral. What I do in this situation is tell myself that it is OK that I have a headache, it is OK that my left arm went numb, and if I am not scared of my symptoms I can calm down and in a period of days all of the random pains will start to go away. But anyway I would say that your symptoms are well within the "normal" anxiety symptoms that I have experienced. Hang in there!!

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