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It sounds to me like you are getting 'Panic attacks'. These can happen anytime in our lives and sometimes for no apparent reason. I have been riddled with these for years on and off. Set off initially due to my ex voilent husband but always had a very stressful life so its definitely stress related with me. Its the 'flight or fight' scenario. The body gets ready to either run away or face a fight, in the old days your bladder would empty itself automatically to allow the body to be lighter so you could fight better. Not something we want in this current day, hence the embarassment. Whenever I get a slight feel of a panic attack, I run to nearest toilet. I always try to go to places where I know where the toilets are. The annoying thing is its the sensation that makes you feel like you want to empty your bladder, when you go you dont have much urine to empty. I know exactly how you feel its horrible and terrifying and only people who have had one will ever understand. Things that can help. Breathing techniques, exercise, counting backwards in your head. These all distract your sub-conscious mind and after so many seconds you return to feeling like a normal human being again.

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