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... LOTAS BLOSSOM, i too suffer from agraphobia and severe panic disorder i hardly ever leave and nevre alone ,my hubby has to take me to drs when i have too go i also suffer from hypo thyriold my tsh in jan 2006 was skyhigh of 8.45 its now down to 1.5 i was on levothyroxine 25mcgs in jan then i went to my gyn because the gp i was seeing for over a yr refused to test my thyriolds... (22 replies)
Getting off xanax
Mar 16, 2007
... hrs and not miss but back then i was a total mess so they did help me now that i found out a yr later it was thyriod my panic is gone so is my depression and the agraphobia i see a new dr on the 23rd and he's going to help me ween off i had no idea what xanax was at the time never heard of them or what they was used for . ... (0 replies)
... Wow, that's always amazes me how long seizure disorders go undiagnosed by doctors. So you actually suffered from faint spells then? That's a key difference between panic sufferers and other ailgments that cause fainting. A panic suffer won't ever faint as long as everything else in there system is completely normal. I'm glad you found your way out of... (22 replies)

... well all found out all my panic wasnt just panic and agraphobia i just recently found out i was having seizures thats what was causeing me to keep passingout been on depakote xr 1000 mgs a day for a month and not one seizure and i still take the xanax to calm me and so far im doing alot better im even driving and going to stores alone at that so yes the lord above really did... (22 replies)
... hi all, im wondering if any of you have ever had fainting spells due to severe panic disorder? i have panic disorder with agraphobia plus i also have hypo thyriold and b/p i take meds for b/p and im on levoxyl 25mcgs i found out i was hypo in jan 07 and the panic started in feb 06 well in sept 06 i started fainting and here lately its been happening anytime i leave my house i... (1 replies)
... hi i too suffer with panic attacks my psychiatrist says i have panic disorder with agraphobia my family dont understand either my sister says i sit and think about them and then i end up with a attack which isnt true they come out of the blue as you all know this to be true and yes they are horrible i hate them they scare me to dealth my very first one i had was right after... (5 replies)
... hello everyone im in need of some help i suffer with panic disorder its pretty severe along with agraphobia and at times depression ,i never leave my house this had been going on since feb 2006 if i do leave its with my husband and everytime i do if i go into the store or to the drs i faint im not uncounsions but its getting to the point where im allmost ready to passout... (1 replies)
Length of attacks?
May 31, 2007
... wow i have panic disorder and mine last sometimes for hrs and i dont bring them on they just happen out of the blue i have no control over them and yes i also wish they had a cure for them as i hate them and i pray constandly for them to please go away i have suffered with mine going on 2 yrs now and yes mine too are bad i also ended up with agraphobia with mine i thought i... (4 replies)
... ome off them yet as i have severe attacks i hardly leave my house just once in awhile i drive in town but only sometimes i never drive out of town as i also have agraphobia when i went to the ward it wasnt to ween me off xanax it was for my depression . ... (0 replies)
... hi i have been suffering with panic disprder for allmost 2 yrs now i take 3 a day 1 mg what i feel is this if im out in public i will start feeling funny in my chest i am forgetfull cant talk dont know what im doing or where im at my stomach starts hurting then i start getting real shaky and nervous and i feel oh no i got to get out of here but sometimes i end up falling... (2 replies)
... anxiety for the past 5 months and now have agraphobia which has made me housebound. ... (5 replies)
... Yeah, your "friends" have absolutely no idea what they're talking about. That angered me reading that. My friends have basically left me in the dust because of my issues with this and also manic depression so that's a sore spot with me. Sounds like your "friends" are the stupid ones, or rather ignorant. You need to get your point across to your friends that it's not... (15 replies)
... Hiya, i recently went out with my friends after not seeing them for a while due to agraphobia (SP) and panic attacks, i woz very nervous about going and 1/2 way through the night my 2 friends had a huge go at me saying i have 2 get over it and stop being so pathetic/stupid and that theres worse things going on in the world ect. I got very upset but i can kinda see where they... (15 replies)
... HI EVERYONE, last week i had to go to the ER because my heart was racing i thought i was having a heart atack. the doctor gave me an ecg to check my heart and all was fine but ive convinced myself that there is somthing wrong like i have heart disese or somthing. It started when a friend of mine died the week before and i think ive let it build up inside me. My heart felt... (2 replies)
... HI I am 25 I had my first BIG panic attack at 20 after using drugs. I was just diagnosed with panic disorder, agraphobia, And o.c.d. about 3 months ago although I have known I had some sort of problem since I was younger but it didn't really get bad untill after the drug use. I am on lexapro 10mg and xanax .5. I have only just tried my first med 8 months ago and that was... (10 replies)
... thanks FM5 i have had panic attacks for the since sept 20th. i was absolutly fine and was just waiting for my mum in the car when for a second i lost my breath, i jumped up in a reaction and got out the car and then my first panick attack happened, i thought i was prolly havong a heartattack or somthing but my mum knew it was a PA atraight away, she got them at 28 (im 26) i... (11 replies)

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