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... Hi, I am new on this forum. It is interesting to read your thoughts. I have reverse sympons: I feel unsafe at home. Usually when I am outside, I am okay, and when I arrive home, I feel I will have a panic attack. it is even worse after eating something. I thought of agrophobia, but I am okay in the bus, or in the elevators. I'm not sure, maybe I feel lonely at home, though I... (8 replies)
New Here
Jan 26, 2011
... Hello all I am new here but not to panic,:dizzy: I am a 28 year old female with panic disorder,gad,agrophobia, and other things, I am on meds (xanax) at this time to help with my panic i was up to 6mg's a day I came off in October of last year with an 8 day hospital stay.....I was clean off them for 38 days and my panic became over whelming!!! Now I am trying to learn... (3 replies)
... me back with a vengeance, I had one good panic attack that led me to have anxiety and panic every day again for about 2 months straight, and had me headed toward agrophobia again. Oh, I forgot to mention I had that before too. Anyway, I'm on my fourth day of Zoloft, taking 12.5 mg to start. ... (5 replies)

Years on...
May 17, 2005
... Well this is kinda wierd for me. I visited this site years ago: im 19 now, and still suffering mildly... here's a round-up update from the above post; I never managed to get to collage, and for about a year i hid so my parents never found out. at the end of that year i dragged myself off my feet and decided i... (4 replies)
... For a while i thought i may be suffering from schizophrenia. i stumbled apon a website with loads of different mental illnesses on, and i cam across panic attacks and anxiety. my problem does sound like panic attacks --- what do you think? i'm a 17 year old male and i've been sitting idle around the house for the past two years. I'm terrified of dying, the emptiness, the... (4 replies)
Nov 7, 2004
... I Started Out On 20mg Paxil, Then 30 Now 40. I Also Take Klonipan.i Feel Depressed Still, But Anxiety Is A Little Better. How And When Do You Know If Your Taking Too Much Or Not Enough? This Is Generic Version. I Have A Thyroid Problem But Cant See An Endocrinologist Untill Jan. Then I Want Therapy Because Im Developing Agrophobia)spelling)? I Dont Know What To Do. I Was... (2 replies)
... Ammy, you should read the book by Dr. Weekes, it was written in 1969 and it's the most fabulous book I've ever read and it will help you get over the hump. The name is "Hope And Help For Your Nerves" Dr. Claire Weekes. Buy it and keep it with you, it will help you. It's about nervous breakdown or better yet, Panic attacks, agrophobia, etc. It's about us and she talks right... (11 replies)
... Hi Barry :wave: Welcome to the boards:) I just want to start off and say that yes, I have been through withdrawal from a benzo before. It wasn't quite as long as you, but I was so sick I couldn't get out of bed. The bad thing about all of this is that the doctors tell you that you can get off of a benzo cold turkey and your really not supposed too. Getting off after just... (13 replies)
... was afraid to go anywhere for the fear that I would have an Anxiety or panic attack. People look at you in a strange way when you have these attacks. I now have agrophobia so now I don't go anywhere. ... (13 replies)
... Do you take the Klonopin at bedtime? I take one at bedtime & am fast asleep in minutes now. (6 replies)
... Hi, I was diagnosed with gad and agrophobia and ocd, I was put on 25mg of prozac I took that for about 8 weeks and then he upped me to 30mg. ... (6 replies)
... I reccomend you start at and hit the panic agrophobia connection to the left. Read all of the sections. I actually printed them out and reread them. ... (6 replies)
New to Panic
Sep 30, 2003
... I was diagnosed just yesterday with panic disorder and agrophobia/ocd although I have had it for 4 almost 5 years now. I have only tried 1 med so far it was called effexor xr and it made me panic more than I normally did so I stopped the med(my doc told me to) It was only my second day taking the med and it gave me the worse panic attack I have ever had. I am seeing a psych... (8 replies)
... Then an agrophobia and severe O.C.D. and worry,worry,worry! Also, all the "what if"...questions. ... (10 replies)
... No , only my family .. My grandma is a RN so she thinks it has to do with my agrophobia. ------------------ -christina (heavenz) (4 replies)
... fatigue is a very usual symptom for people experiencing agrophobia, i've read, have you been to a doctor?, or talked about this to somebody other than this web page? (4 replies)
16 and scared
Sep 10, 2002
... jasmine, thats EXACTLY how i feel, scared of being nervous, thats what agrophobia is all about. ... (12 replies)
Sep 7, 2002
... Im trying to get through agrophobia myself, im lucky enough not to have become totally housebound yet but yeh-it is a struggle, ya sound pretty strong willed so i hope you'll cope with gettin over this just fine :) Dragoness (3 replies)

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