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... No, you are not a nut case. Maybe you are getting toi much from the anti dep. you tried. What was the name? ... (3 replies)
... I have had panic attacks/agoraphobia for about ten years. Got better at times. But must of the time i`m in the hole. I take klonopin .50mg a day and .50mg if needed. I don`t have depression. I have taken Anti-D and don`t like them. But my weird fear is....when i don`t have panic it freaks me out! I`ve gotten so use to feeling anxiety it`s who i`m. When i don`t feel it, i... (3 replies)
... Thanks for the responses guys. I was wondering. I'm kind of going in there due to the severe anxiety panic that goes along with my IBS. I mean I think a lot of my IBS issues stem from my panic/anxiety problems. Truthfully the one medicine that has worked when I have BAD days is Xanax. I only have taken it as needed.... I had one prescription for 20 .25mg pills and... (6 replies)

... Lourage, Which one did you like better, Paxil CR or Lexapro? (10 replies)
... I am on Cipralex 10 mg (Lexapro in US) and Lonazep (Klonopin in US) 0.25 for last 3 weeks. Feeling much better now. Good luck (10 replies)
... I have used zoloft in the past and it worked for me as far as panic disorder goes. Lexapro worked really well, also, but it turned out I was allergic to it. I am taking cymbalta right now, and it has worked wonders for my anxiety/panic disorder. It is actually a snri, and not a ssri, but it does work for me! (10 replies)
... I was also wondering this. I already been on lexapro, Paxil and the only benzo i tried was xanax. The xanax dose was only .5, but even when i tried 3 i still didn't feel anything and still felt panicky. Becca said klonopin has helped her greatly,so i will see about that, but anyone have any other clue as to what type of SSRI would be best if those two didn't work as good as... (10 replies)
... I've been taking 20mg Prozac for 8 months now, and i was just saying to my Doc that i felt i was having "break through" episodes of the type of anxiety i had before they put me on Prozac. Does ones body get used to a certain dosage, i dont want to go up really, but im scared it might stop working, like valium did for me beforehand. (10 replies)
... I am on Klonopin alone and I take it at night and I am feeling much better the next day. I am doing things that I couldn't do before. THe only time I take it during the day is when I know I am going somewhere and it helps keep me calm (driving and riding was my biggest fear) I hate zoloft, it made me worse and Prozac stopped working for me to. Hope all works out well for you. ... (10 replies)
... 6 yrs ago my doctor put me on xanax for panic attacks that help for about a month, then we tried 20mgs of paxil, that helped with panic at work but not for driving alone or being at work alone. then he added klonopin, and that will make ya tired. after some legal issues that kicked my ***, still takin paxil and klonopin! my problem is they ... (10 replies)
... so this is just my opinion...i have been on zoloft, paxil, prozac, all for a severe panic disorder....every day i thought i was dying, having a heart attack,, i could Never DRIVE alone...i never would enter my car at nite and even during the day i would rather someone be with i went off zoloft because my energy level hit an all time attacks started to come... (10 replies)
... do any of you have heart related problems caused by any of these medications? (10 replies)
... I am new here, but i response to your question. I am currently on 100 mg of Zoloft daily and .5 mg of Klonidin once at night. I was on Prozac for years but it didn't help me with my anxiety at all. I then began talking about getting pregnant with my OBGYN. It was then that I was switched from Prozac to Zoloft and it did wonders. My anxiety resurfaced lately which is why... (10 replies)
... My shrink gave me zoloft & I used to be on prozac. its been a few months and so far so good. I also take ativan 2 to 3 times a day. (10 replies)
... They use many mostly xanax,diazapam,kloninpin and now some like ziprexa im not sure of all the spellings (10 replies)
... I am on prozac it use to do great for panic but its not working anymore! Has anyone else had a med just crap out on them ? Well I am hopefully seeing my shrink soon I wonder what the most perscribed meds for panic are now? It use to be paxil benzos are good at stopping panic attacks when they happen but they are no good when it comes to long term freedom for panic as... (10 replies)
... I also experienced these zaps and I only took Zoloft once. They lasted a few days if I remember right. I hear this is a withdrawel symptom of Zoloft and other anti-dep that alot of people experience. (5 replies)
... Hi lori j, late night I would not change medications but I do agree that if I were to, it would not be lexapro. Have a well day. Sincerely, Sickman :) (18 replies)
... Each person reacts differently to each med.. I have read many peoples posts on here & they have had great success with lexapro, but I was one of the unfortunate ones to suffer every side affect listed for that med. I was on it 2 1/2 weeks & was sick all the time and lost about 10 lbs in that time. I had nausea, diahrrea, insomnia, chills & fever. This is not to scare you,... (18 replies)
Klonopin or Xanax?
Oct 18, 2003
... Ok, I've been told that Klonopin is good to take along with an anti-dep. from a friend who has been on everything. Now, I just read that K is also a benzo like Xanax. Who has experience with K and is it or it's affects anything like X? I have a hard time with X cause I can feel when it wears off & it leaves me shakey. Thanks (4 replies)

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