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... This morning I was browsing posts on my blog and I saw a post that triggered me into this anxious spiral that's lasted all day. It was a post about how this person thought life was meaningless. Now I don't actually think that at least not on a good day. ... (3 replies)
... I'm so sorry you're feeling so bad right now. Yes, a panic attack can certainly cause stomach jitters. Anxiety can cause just about any symptom. I know sometimes I have a very bizarre symptom and think there is no way this can be caused by anxiety. ... (3 replies)
... It seems this whole week I've had that horrible, butterflies in my stomach anxiety feel and I can't stand it. I'm not worried about anything, I've tried to breathe through them, but nothing works. I've been taking my . ... (4 replies)

Sep 8, 2004
... Oh sweetie, your fine. I promise! I wish others would respond to your posts and help reassure you. You really, really need to go see him again and voice all of your concerns. I am obviously not a doctor so I can't diagnose anything, but I will tell you that I was on an SSRI (like Effexor, but not effexor) that made my arms, legs, chest & head tingle. I couldn't stand it. ... (5 replies)
... its now 2 in the aftn.!! and its funny i do do the things u said but i use a cold cloth and i have to read or watch a certain show or else it makes me feel more anxious if not not sure if you understand that part cause im suffering from ocd as well as anxiety. but doing it does take my mind off of it. ... (4 replies)
... In my personal experience I have tried Prozac for depression about 11 years ago and I will tell you I also got horrible stomach aches and diarrhea so I think that's normal but it only lasted a week. ... (3 replies)
... Hello all! I've had general anxiety for about five months now and I've been dealing with it rather well, all things considered. Up until now, I have about one panic attack a month and I'm following an anti-anxiety program. However, I've recently had two panic attacks within 12 hours and I think the trigger might be a gas/bloating problem. I'm not sure if the gas is... (1 replies)
... -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- im up again!!this has been happening every few weeks. i thought i nipped it when i took my meds in the day thinking it was them but im not sure now what it is. i wake up in the middle of the night after feeling restless all night and i wake up with warm prickly feelings all over my skin my... (4 replies)
... You are so right about the breathing technique. I started having panic attacks 20 years ago! I had a choice of either taking medication or finding a way to cope with the random times I might get an attack. I also have acute anxiety and poor stress levels. I found out that alot of my fear 20 years ago was because I have Mitral Valve Prolapse, usually a benign condition often... (2 replies)
... and place your hands firmly and comfortably on your stomach. Inhale slowly and deeply through your nose, letting your stomach expand as much as possible. ... (2 replies)
... re anxious or tense, which is typically shallow and high in your chest. ... (7 replies)
... "I get constant worry that never goes away..." "I feel fine one day....panicky the next day..." "I felt fine, but a panic attack hit me out the blue..." "I suffer from headach and dizzyness all day...." "My chest feels tight and my heart beats funny...." If any of these saying applies to you, you are not alone. We all felt this way.....or still do. Although you... (1 replies)
... I had the full dose last night, no real change yet, although I managed to get through today with only minor symptoms. Thought panic was coming a couple of times but held it off! (8 replies)
... Chris I could literally name of hundreds of symptoms of anxiety, reason for this is, when you get anxious your nervous system is disrupted, (thats why so many doctors want to give you tranquilizers like xanax and klonopin) because it calms your nervous system. Anyways most people dont realize this, but when you are anxious, and your mind is at work playing with you, it can... (8 replies)
... mmon, and a simple blood test is all that's needed for diagnosis. Treatment is by antibiotics and some form of antiacid treatment, I believe. I know that if my stomach is upset, I feel anxious. Not sure what comes first though, the anxiety, which causes the stomach acid, or the acidic stomach. ... (21 replies)
... what it was and realized that maybe I was just not meant to take these. Alas I, being curious and good spirited towards psychedelic drugs, became persistent and anxious to try them. Finally at the age of 19 I got my wish. The first experience was quite pleasant and I enjoyed it thoroughly. ... (4 replies)
... I take pepcid and it seems to work pretty good for me. My stomach cannot tolerate the other stomach meds. And yes, I know how you feel about wanting to vent. I sometimes just want to scream out. ... (6 replies)
... you. Once again I was convinced I had some other sort of affliction, as my stomach has been very cruel to me lately! The more I think about it the more it follows the pattern of my life! ... (13 replies)
Length of attacks?
May 22, 2007
... I have knots in my stomach and I start to worry about getting another attack sometimes I do. I mean they arent as bad. I may just get tingly. ... (4 replies)
Hi Everybody!
Apr 29, 2007
... Hi, well i've been browsing this site for a few months now and tonight I was having a terrible scary anxious night so I decided to finally join and vent a little I guess! ... (0 replies)

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