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... Hi there. Though I normally take Ativan as an anti-anxiety meds as needed, I am currently taking it as a muscle relaxer for my sprained back. I have to take 1mg up to 4 times a day for the next few days and have been for about a week now. I am wondering if anyone who has taken this has suffered from a loss of appetite, or could it just be my low-mobility as I recover. ... (2 replies)
... eve me. I had excellent, board certified doctors who didn't have a clue about my case. I found out in my case, tolerance, tolerance withdrawals and dependancy of Ativan was the problem. ... (14 replies)
... ativan is a valium type med and usually doesnt effect the apetite, all valium type meds also relax the muscles (2 replies)

... it has taken away my appetite totally. ... (2 replies)
... understand that you don't recommend doing that though, to just up and quit taking it. I guess you mean that after you quit the klonopin, you started taking the ativan instead and then weaned yourself off of that. Sorry it's hard to understand since my brain is kind of in a fog right now. This is all so discouraging. ... (6 replies)
... tor had put me on Adderall several years ago, he had told me that it would also suppress my appetite. Well, it didn't make one bit of difference for me with the appetite or my concentration, so I quit taking it. ... (6 replies)
... Dear Sillyme03, The paxil cr dosage for panic disorder is 12.5mg to 75mg once a day. I doubt if 12.5mg will help you at so low a dosage for panic or even depression bringing on anxiety rather then panic. Ativan, a benzo will work better for panic disorder, if that is what you in fact have. It only lasts 10-12 hours. See a Psychratrist for these medications, not a regular... (3 replies)
... at work, and my heart just took off on me. My HR got up to the 150's and I developed a sense of intense fear and anxiety. The ER doc put me on beta blockers and Ativan and told me to see a cardiologist. Well, my visit with the heart doc was uneventful and no relapse until this weekend. ... (3 replies)
... Hi,....First Post Im 21m senior in college.....Healthy, Active, Enjoyed Life... OCT. 1 2005 I had a Panic/Anxiety Attack....not sure why...out of the blue... It seemed like I had all the Symptoms of Panic/ lasted both Saturday and Sunday that weekend......Horrible Headache ensued.... Went to the ER Sunday Night OCT. 2 thinking that I was dying of... (13 replies)
... My question is that since I started the paxil I started shaking more, taking ativan to help. Dr. ... (3 replies)
... everything I touch is going to poison me including my clothes, so I have a panic attack just getting dressed in the morning. My anxiety has caused me to loose my appetite so I have barely eaten in the past few days and when I do eat I think it's been tampered with or poisoned so I throw it up. ... (1 replies)
... medication for heart burn and if that doesn't help I will probably see the doctor again. I'm quite frustrated because of my anticipating feelings I have lost my appetite and haven't been able to eat as much so I haven't had any energy to work out like I used to. ... (8 replies)
... LOL I have the same problem and I'm only on 10mg of Prozac. I eat all the time but I guess this is the price we pay to feel better on drug. I try to control my eating which occurs mostly during the day and early evening, but I just eat like a pig. Imagine if I up my Prozac, LOL I will be eating buffets day in and day out. Now I understand Prozac shouldn't be doing this,... (3 replies)
... Dear Amy, I was wondering if you coould tell me if the doctors have figured out what was wrong yet? You see, I have some of the same symptoms as you have. I literally woke up one day and was told I was suffering from Panic/anxiety attacks. I was also around your age at the time. I am now 36 years old and this has been going on for the last 8 years! Since the first attack I... (15 replies)
... Amy, Hi, I just read your post. I am 24 and have had very similar symptoms for the last 9 months. I thought I was the only one out there who has a tingling My other symptoms include: tachycardia with little activity, hand numbness, constant headaches, occasional drops in bp, fainting episodes, neck stiffness, lightheaded, pressure/pulsating in head upon standing,... (15 replies)
... This could get long but I'll do my best to keep it short as possible! Two weeks ago while sitting in a movie theatre I noticed my heart was beating really fast. When my husband and I came home I mentioned it to him and he listened and thought it was going twice as fast as his. We laughed, thinking it was nothing and decided to time it to see if he was right. His was 70 and... (15 replies)
... Hello again, Have you ever tried Klonopin? It has a longer lasting life and is less addicting. I went fron Xanex to Ativan, and now I'm on Klonopin. At first, it made me a little sleepy, but it really helps me with my anxiety. It calms my stomach down alot too. You may want to talk to your doctor about it. Have a good day, Chantel (10 replies)
... KayT, I really feel for you as I am feeling pretty rough today too(am also waiting for the Zoloft to kick in). You didn't say specifically how you are feeling but by reading your previous posts, I am guessing your feeling like I am. I too have no appetite, but am forcing myself to eat a little bit. I was quite nauseaus today(I am assuming a withdrawal effect from the... (15 replies)
... hiya, it sounds like you have been through a lot. you mentioned the hospital, but not a regular doctor. to me it sounds like panic attacks as many of us have ended up in the ER because we thought we were going to die. a great percentage of people with panic attacks show many symptoms in a physical form, such as vomiting and GI distress. if i were you, i would go see my... (5 replies)

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