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... to the er. All I got about my ankle was it was an avulsion fracture and stage 3 sprain. I told him all i needed to do was get out of there and that would be my blood pressure medication. ... (2 replies)
... I too have an obsession with my blood pressure monitor. I thought that I was the only one. ... (6 replies)
... doctors know well that anxiety sufferers often give very high BP readings, its called white coat syndrome I expect doc will tell you if your beta blocker dose needs upping my BP was always very high, especially with a new doc, also I have a phobia about the cuff tightening on my arm which contributes (6 replies)

... Im a 20 yr old male who is trying so hard to get into the military. I passed everything else in the physical exam, except for the B/P. It seems that everytime I take my B/P, I start to panic, my heart races, which then makes my B/P soar to 190/80. When I take it at home its a normal 120/70. I lift weights, do intense cardio, and watch my diet. Im very positive I do not have... (4 replies)
... as i suffer daily with severe panic phobia of heart disease develops...i lose weight, am afraid to eat anything tha may clog my arteries, and begin cognitive therapy. ... (1 replies)
Oct 27, 2003
... rdia and blah blah blah. Well its true but now I am still here!!!! When I get in the panic stage I feel like I am going to die but never have. Also, now I have a phobia with BP in the Dr office, in fact I don't think I can ever go thru them taking it again! ... (9 replies)
... hi there i was just reading your post and i hope you feel better soon i also have to have my gaulbladder removed i should have had this op but i bottled out due to my anxiety you know how it is but i realy have a phobia about getting put to sleep like i never been under the knife also when you mentioned about going to the er i got that way if i ever go there i dont even tell... (7 replies)
... In my case the fast heart rate doesn't scare me as much as feeling short of breath,I always associate shortness of breath with a heart condition. That seems to be what you read all the time,"if you are active and feel short of breath you should see your doctor",I usually will not do much of anything that will cause me shortness of breath,so that means I never get a cardio... (6 replies)
... blockers help with flushing from anxiety. I have taken them before for palpitations and high blood pressure, but I noticed they reduced my panic attacks too. ... (7 replies)
... our systems stress level as a whole. For example, if we excercise regularly, our heart, lungs, other organs, bloodflow to the brain and to the rest of our body, blood pressure, arteries, immune system, etc, etc,.. are all going to be functioning at a much more optimal level than if we didn't exercise. ... (3 replies)
Linden Method
Apr 22, 2005
... I appreciate the advice, Immortal19, and I do agree with a lot of your theory on the subject. It does seem that a phobia plays an interesting role in all of it...First, you are afraid to do one thing...then you are afraid to do other things that remind you of the first thing... ... (19 replies)
... You are so right about the breathing technique. I started having panic attacks 20 years ago! I had a choice of either taking medication or finding a way to cope with the random times I might get an attack. I also have acute anxiety and poor stress levels. I found out that alot of my fear 20 years ago was because I have Mitral Valve Prolapse, usually a benign condition often... (2 replies)
... Was good until age 36, then, BAM! out of nowhere on a Sunday afternoon...severe nic that led to phobia of heart disease and dying...was treated with cognitive therapy for 8 months. ... (48 replies)
... vorce a year ago, I've really had this problem....thought it was just stress, then got real scared and went to cardiologist. Dr. said all okay, but developed hi blood at night, along with the rapid beating and crazy breathing, there's a pain in the upper right quadrant, now thinking it is gall bladder spasms.. ... (23 replies)
... up appt. was just this past Monday. Well, I knew I had high BP, but since the panic came back, and with absolute real fear of even looking at a blood pressure cuff and EKG machine, I freaked during my exam. My BP and pulse was real high, then during the actual EKG, I had a full blown panic attack.... I told the DR. ... (9 replies)

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