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... I'm not a doctor so we can't give diagnoses on a board like this, but if your heart if healthy, you're not going to get a heart attack by breathing. ... (11 replies)
... You will always breathe because your body does it automatically. If you hyperventilate then you get lots of oxygen and that is why you may feel light headed or the illusion of not getting oxygen. You actually get plenty. Can you tell I went through this? ... (11 replies)
... Well, the good news is that you cannot mentally forget to breath. Your brain stem takes care of your breathing, that is why you can still breath when you are asleep. ... (11 replies)

... ExtremelyWired is right. Unless you have some CNS disorder, your brain will always make you breathe, which is why you can't die by trying to hold your breath. You'll pass out and start breathing again. ... (11 replies)
... Caden, before you get it in your head that this is all in your head just wait a second and let me ask you this. In all the medical tests you've had done did you ever get a sleep study done where you wear a pulse ox on your finger all night? ... (11 replies)
... OK Thanks... I went to the doctor a few months ago and did an EKG and everything and said everything was perfect, so I guess i just gotta knock these thoughts outta my head (11 replies)
... Thanks... my other thing is that when I get into it, I feel that my body is just so tired from breathing.... this has to be in my head though right? ... (11 replies)
... so it can't give you a heart attack or anything when your heart beats fast and your breathing feels shallow? ... (11 replies)
... Yes, I get the same thing. You're probably tired from expending so much energy into something that normally happens automatically. That, and you are probably breathing deep or more forcefully than necessary. ... (11 replies)
... of the time I get them due to a night of heavy drinking, I just don't know what to do? ... (11 replies)
... Please understand that you most likely can not heal thyself of mental problems. ... (11 replies)
... Hi shauny I can relate to it all some do get feeling of terror but nothing terrible ever happens during a panic attack deep slow breathing helps to calm you, avoid rapid shallow panting and dont forget to breathe if you can get any valium type meds these help a lot and are the preferred med for several psychiatrists who specialise in anxiety and panic attacks dont tense... (4 replies)
... to make sure I was getting perfect breaths... I constantly get it daily and mostly in the car, I went to the doctor and they checked me out for everything and said it was just all in my head. ... (11 replies)
... in some cases holding your breath for a while can calm you and prevent a panic attack starting however in general you should keep breathing deep and slow, and dont forget to breathe when concentrating hard on doing something I think that most panic attack sufferers have bad breathing habits and reserrch should be done into the way that panic attack sufferers breathe (20 replies)
Am i alone??
Apr 30, 2006
... panic attacks although unpleasant , wont hurt you or send you crazy, when 1 happens, relax,accept, dont tense up or fight back. ... (6 replies)
... to lyndsey stay on the zoloft it should eventually help with the panic attacks a lot, some valium type meds, if you can get any, would help a lot now and go well with zoloft the usual zoloft dose range is 50 to 200 so your dose may need upping a bit later, ask doc when you get a panic attack, relax as much as you can, dont tense up or fight back and do breathe deep and... (5 replies)
... welcome read up about panic attacks on the net, lots of info about them there, although unpleasant, they wont do you any harm, ask about upping the lopressor dose , its a beta blocker type and also calms the body, reducing the effect of panic attacks on the body but not the mind IMO the xanax dose is much too small, about 2 mg is typical for a panic attack to greatly... (4 replies)
... the general advice for anxious or panicky people is to breathe deep and slow, and to always remember to keep breathing. some actually forget to breathe when concentrating hard on something, I did this. ... (1 replies)
... How long have you been on the medication for? ... (97 replies)
... panic attacks can sneak up on you and start without warning, if so try holding your breath for a while, this helped me, just stop breathing for as long as it feels comfortable then start doing the deep slow breathing at other times dont hold your breath or forget to breathe if concentrating hard on something as this can bring on a panic attack (1 replies)

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