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... I started having panic attacks last July and the derealization that came with it was the worst. Honestly, it actually triggered most of my attacks because it would come on so strongly. ... (5 replies)
... o bee pollen. Nothing ever worked for the ic or prostatitis and doctors gave up on my chance for recovery. Through the years on my own, I found relief, but the anxiety increased as did the Xanax slowly. ... (3 replies)
... Derealization is part of anxiety. Look on the anxiety board for some threads on this. It is very helpful. ... (2 replies)

... Has anyone here had chronic depersonalization or derealization after a panic attack caused by smoking pot? ... (6 replies)
... Health anxiety has been one of my problems, when I first started getting anxiety my first symptoms were dizzyness and chest pain. I though I had a tumour or something. ... (10 replies)
... etc. this will flood your brain with endorphins, the bodys' own natural morphine. It will give you an almost stress free life and will be the best substitute for anxiety meds. Do you have a bladder problem or prostate problem? ... (3 replies)
... Hi i'm currenly suffering from anxiety/panic/ocd to the point where i've completely withdrawln from everything. I recently (about 4 days ago) started taking .5 mg xanax once a day when i start experiencing depersonalization/derealization with vertigo (xanax helps). The vertigo is pretty much all day everyday and is a rocking type vertigo. Is this common in these disorders? ... (1 replies)
... I have derealization/depersonalization everyday for about a year now. (6 replies)
... along with their anxiety and panic attacks? ... (7 replies)
... I was just thinking tonight..wondering if i've developed an anxiety disorder..ive felt the feeling of a panic attack for 5 days now..but not one real full blown panic attack.. ... (0 replies)
... welcome allure' get some tests done for epilepsy as it can be confused with anxiety klonapin is a useful valium type med but your dose is quite low and could be upped a lot, ask doc, also a dose of klonapin usually doesnt last all day assuming it is anxiety, learning to relax will help you a lot, avoid tensing up or fighting back against the anxiety, accept it, breathe... (1 replies)
... n be.. There are a few current post re guarding this very subject.. "One is called does anyone else feel like they are on a boat" you can also search through the anxiety board and find other posts as well. I hope that this was helpful to you. Any thoughts or questions let me know. Your not alone on with this feeling at all.. ... (1 replies)
... Panic disorder is where you have an actual "attack". You feel like you have to get out of the situation you're in or away from it. I have many symptoms during an attack, mostly derealization, shaking, heart pounding...I have suffered from dizziness also, but I think it is from anxiety. You would know if you were having an actual panic attack. (15 replies)
... my anxiety expresses itself alot in DP. It does help me to look at it this way! ... (5 replies)
... it has been a long,long time since i have gotten high. actually,it was nice every once in a while,cause it relaxed me. but,i cannot smoke it...bad bad anxiety while i'm high. i freak out bad. ... (6 replies)
... I think anxiety about moving is partly the cause, you will need to learn how to cope with this pot smoking often causes a persons first panic attack due to selective plant breeding, theres usually much more THC in pot than there was (6 replies)
... Hopefully you don't drink or take any drugs or pot cause that could cause it too. Maybe try some fish oil supplement.... does wonders for the brain and eyes and was clinically proven to be as effective as AD's. (5 replies)
... am brand new here but have a major problem and I am really looking for some answers from someone. I am a 25 year old male and I have been battling problems with anxiety and panic attacks since I am 15. Unfortunately,they seem to run in my family because both my mother and grandmother suffer from them as well. ... (5 replies)
... I am new here.....43 yr old female. i am a long term suffer of panic disorder, anxiety, depression, & some bouts of serious agoraphobia. My condition began in 1981 but i was totally well from 1990-last September. It came back with a VENGEANCE !! I even put myself in the psych unit for 2 weeks in early June. I am afraid of EVERYTHING rt now but new things have developed ( I... (9 replies)
... I have been struggling with panic disorder for the past year and a half. Mine has mostly been the feeling like you can't breathe which at first had the doctor thinking maybe allergies as I experience seasonal allergies and dust allergies almost year round. After allergy medications did not improve things I began seeing a counselor which ruled it as anxiety/panic disorder. ... (3 replies)

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