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... legs, my face would get flushed constantly or I would get the chills. I had extreme panic attacks on a daily basis. ... (4 replies)
... hot sensation in the back of my head, and I screamed. ... (4 replies)
... The visuals are very particular and always the same, i.e., looks like a huge snow flake or ferris wheel circling, accompanied by vibrations in my face and a floating feeling. ... (8 replies)

... and heat sensations in my arms, face and legs. It's kinda like your nerves being affected and coming back to life. ... (71 replies)
... i can relate to the burning sensation. but,the biggest one for me was always the numbness. my face went numb,my arms,legs,and even my feet. it was the worst. i finally had enough,and went on effexor.have'nt had any symptoms or attacks since. ... (7 replies)
... pressure headaches. It feels like intense pressure is building up inside of my head...especially right behind my eyes. I also get a throbbing sensation in my face sometimes. My GP thinks it's all anxiety induced. ... (2 replies)
... les when for weeks just as when I'm about to fall asleep, it feels as though I am rocking on a boat and floating, almost weightlessness, and it is such a strange sensation that I wake up just before I fall asleep. My face sometimes feels tingly and my body vibrates when I awake. ... (55 replies)
... The answer for me was Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). I was on meds for many years before I found CBT and it cured me and got me off meds in a remarkably short period of time. CBT is not like other talk therapy. A good CBT therapist does not care much about your past or why you think you feel the way you do etc. A good CBT therapist knows they cannot change what's already... (13 replies)
... I'll try to not make this post to long, here are my circumstances. ---Due to anxiety/Panic--- I lost my job: I got evicted from my apartment: My credit is ruined: I lost my insurance: I have little to no money to pay for docs or meds: Im agoraphobic: I now live with my ex girlfriend and her boyfriend :rolleyes: : And my future looks extreamly bleak: I have been on... (13 replies)
... I suffer from panic attacks and I too get the buzzing and burning sensation in my ears. It sometimes feels like it is air, but it really scares me. I told the doctor about this and he just looks at me like I'm weird. ... (4 replies)
... hysical disorders that cause these things then this is nothing unusal with panic disorder. You actually feel just any slight numbness on any part of your head or face and the brain is already going into action of panic before you realize that it has. By then you have all of these symptoms and you have a panic attack. ... (4 replies)
... Dear Sickman aka Madman Although my training in the elecrical field was not a specialty on the medical end I can offer a pretty acurate diagnosis. More than likely at the time of your exposure to that intense blast of heat from the car starting ordeal. Not only did you succeed in setting your hair afire but also burned off some of the insulation on your internal wiring. with... (11 replies)
... OMG! It is so weird that you said this! I get this too. I forgot all about that metallic taste. I hate it. I start freaking out when I taste this and then my lips feel like they are going numb. How weird. For me, it starts mostly at night when I'm sleeping. I wake up with this scared feeling and a weird feeling over my skin. I so hate that feeling. That is also what freaks... (13 replies)
... to add to the list I seem to hve a burning feeling across my chest tonight, feels like sunburn type of tingly burning. Boy am I fed up with this... (8 replies)
... I get this, too. For me it is like a numb, tingling sensation over my scalp and face along with a feeling of severe pressure. A couple months ago I had this feeling constantly for almost 2 weeks. ... (8 replies)
... and saying the only reason you don't have the panic attack sensation is 'cause you're thinking about the situation? ... (13 replies)
... Hello eveyone! I feel very lucky to know I AM NOT THE ONLY ONE FEELING THIS WAY! Athought my heart goes out to everyone on this board who is suffering with the horriable Illness, I also have anxiety/panic disorder and my symtoms ARE ALWAYS WITH ME No matter how hard I tell myself I am not alone and these are just panic attacks I just can't seem to shake the symptoms: ... (96 replies)
... Man, if you think that's strange... sometimes while in a dream, I find that things start to get REALLY strange. This feeling and experience is hard to put into words, but I'll do my best. When these dreams start getting very weird, I suddenly wake up... but when I do, I'm so confused... and my brain "hurts". It's almost that same feeling you get after you've constantly... (9 replies)
... d diarreah,the sweats, lost interest in food and became a total basket case. My doctor had me stop the medication. Since then I've been anxious, have a tingling sensation in my arms, shoulders, face, neck and sometimes legs and feet, plus still having the sweats and waking up in the middle of the night and can't go back to sleep. ... (4 replies)
... he book and see what would happen. So I remained calm, and analyzed the pain, knew it wasn't a heart attack and was just my muscles being sore, and just let the sensation be what it was... and in a few seconds, it was gone. At that second, it was like one of many weights had been lifted off of my shoulders. ... (6 replies)

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