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... I also used to get the faint feeling, but never in all the years I had panic attacks did I ever faint. ... (6 replies)
... t i felt real spacey and detached kind of a drunk off balance feeling. I felt like this for two days and then the third day i began to feel those dizzy, anxious feelings again. this time i went to the hospital and they said nothing was wrong with me. ... (6 replies)
... This is such a difficult topic, and it's because this disorder isn't ever diagnosed from a test, it's diagnosed after cancelling everything else out. I do agree that once you have experienced panic attacks for an ongoing period, there really isn't a genuine 'cure'. I agree with Sickman that its more of a way of coping to keep them at bay. But the frustrating thing... (27 replies)

... Oh I know that feeling! Mine always start that way and it's always in a public place which is so scary! I have had to teach my son what to do when this happens as from time to time I will faint! I am always afraid someone will take my children when I am having one of these "attacks". I would see a Dr, there are Meds out there that do help, you're not alone do know that. (11 replies)
... Hi, dizzyness and faint feelings were how mine started... along with palpatations shortly after. ... (5 replies)
... Hey!!! Well as for the Ativan I cant take it because it is a pill. What happened was my doc called the hospital pharmacist and he said you could get ativan in liquid so my doc wrote the prescription. i just went to pick up the meds the other day and my pharmacist said the only way it can be taken in liquid form is by injecting it. NO WAY am I doing that. So I am looking in... (1 replies)
... Hi, I was just wondering how you were making out with the "fainting spells". Is the Ativan helping? I had been feeling pretty good. Even this morning I was almost back to normal, I had energy and was in high spirits. Then this afternoon I had a bad spell, which set me back. I feel lousy, even though the initial "faint feelings' have subsided. Do you feel tired/run down... (1 replies)
... dad while I'm getting these feelings of fainting often helps. Sometimes the faint feeling is SOOO strong, I feel I have something medically wrong. ... (7 replies)
... only get the sensation. I went to the doctors and she ran tests and everything was normal. When I felt faint it wasn't like when you stand up and everything gets black it was more like all of the sudden everything around me didn't seem real and I was going to pass out. ... (15 replies)
Panic Attacks
Jan 27, 2004
... ted in the past, it was due to you feeling unwell. If your attacks started after a fainting incident, then it is your negative memory of this that makes you feel faint during a panic attack. ... (2 replies)
Help !!
Jul 29, 2012
... stronger like i could feel each single beat in my whole body ,i was afraid to anywhere to eat outside or go malls ,because when ever i go to malls i got the same feelings feeling dizzy and i could not eat ect.. ... (0 replies)
... oh no i'm gonna faint. It's a vicious cycle, we fear the actual panic feelings which we are causing through our thoughts. ... (4 replies)
... know this is scary, thinking that you are going to die but no one has ever died from a panic attack or anxiety if you prefer. The medications will ease up these feelings but it takes days to start to work for you. ... (6 replies)
Linden Method
Apr 22, 2005
... Once I learned that i never fainted I learned that I was producing it and making it worse, once i had that sudden feeling that i thought i was going to faint my mind was telling me I'm going to faint I have to leave.... ... (19 replies)
... So, my problem is that when I know that I need to get ready to go somewhere, I get extremely worked up and anxious about it. I seem to get a really sick and faint feeling from just the anticipation of going somewhere to the point where I often have to stay home because its so bad. ... (1 replies)
... She said that when people have panic attacks they feel the symptoms of what they fear most, this being the reason that many panic sufferers end up in the ER with feelings of a heart attack. Its very real in every way. I don't know about you but through 3 months of these spells, I haven't fainted at all. ... (15 replies)
... Completely normal, just know that. there are alot of symptoms...hmmm ok i will list them all with how they are associated in parenthases: HEART SYMPTOMS * racing or rapid heart beat (flight and flight response) * heart palpitations (flight and flight response) * 'missed' heart beats (flight and flight response) * pounding heart (flight and flight... (5 replies)
I'm new.......
Jun 10, 2006
... done! but i have noticed when i panic i try hard to satay in controle, i go faster, like if im walking i'll go faster, or i'll rush around in order to ignore the feelings of panic. ... (11 replies)
... thought i was going to faint and that was it! ... (3 replies)
... Weird type" feelings throughout your body? ... (0 replies)

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