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... although my fear of wetting is strongest now at that time due to all my peers watching me. ... (0 replies)
... and I found myself skipping lots of lectures simply because I could not bear getting on a bus and running the 'risk' of wetting myself on a journey that took just 40mins. ... (57 replies)
... i have recently come across similar problems however it is more that i think i AM in the act of wetting myself, or that people around me are AWARE of me wetting myself than a fear that i WILL wet myself. ... (57 replies)

... i really do feel that my fear is taking over my life. ... (57 replies)
... y helped me with this thing called cognitive behavioural therapy which helps to change your pattern of thoughts. they helped me to realise just how irrational my fear was and i find that nowadays, although i am not cured, when i need to toilet i am able to talk myself down before things escalate into a full blown panic attack. ... (57 replies)
... What you need to understand iman2206, is that every time you avoid drinking, or use the toilet forcibly, you're subconciously convincing yourself that your fear of wetting yourself is genuine. ... (57 replies)
... Wow, I was reading the attached post and it was if I could have written it myself, I have always had exactly the same problems and my whole life is dictated by whether I know where the nearest toilet is just in case. If I know where it is I tend to relax more but if I don't, I get more and more anxious until I feel like I urgently need the toilet! I really wish I could do... (57 replies)
... I suffered really badly with anxiety disorder many years ago, and now I am left with is this uncontrollable fear of wetting myself in public, which with regret is ruling the way I live my life. ... (57 replies)
... In fact, the likelihood of ACTUALLY wetting yourself is very low. ... (57 replies)
... I'm mostly scared of wetting my pants at work. ... (57 replies)
... people with over sensitive anxiety response systems can be vunerable to many different phobias and anxieties. To Krissy11 58 this may be why you suffer from this wetting self thing and OCD. I sometimes also think i have very slight OCD as i often worry about getting dirty and germs. ... (57 replies)
... t have access to a toilet and gradually I worked my way up to harder and harder situations. It is a fear, like a phobia almost, and the only way to get rid of a fear is to condition yourself to the situation you are so afraid of. ... (57 replies)
... ere around me playing and I could just imagine how absolutely horribly embarrassing it would be if I wet my pants in front of them all! This is when it went from fear to almost a feeling of terror! The next year of my life was the worst. ... (57 replies)
... ven if I don't want to go to the loo at all , my mind is telling me that I am going to wet myself. All my abdomen and nether regions tense up and I am so much in fear that I really do think I am going to pee myself... this whole thing is effecting everything I do because I think 'I am going to urinate... ... (57 replies)
... I've had this fear for quite some time and it's starting to drive me crazy. I've done the whole being drugged into a calm state but the fear never really disappears. ... (57 replies)
... Like Sgaba i feel like i am in the act of wetting myself and that everyone knows. ... (57 replies)
... I just wanted to put in an update. My anxiety attacks over wetting myself in public have gotten a lot better since I have found these pads. ... (57 replies)
... that I can't not go to the toilet for 25 minutes it fears me out so much. Then there's sitting in a boring boring class for an hour and all i can think about is wetting myself and i just panic the whole time im there. I just dont know what to do. ... (57 replies)
... re to stop for AGES, and I thought I could wait, but then realised I couldn't, and I started getting panicky and hot and breathless and tearful at the thought of wetting myself. ... (57 replies)
... Stumbled onto this thread this evening. I promise you this is a good idea. I don't have this fear except in ONE circumstance. On airplanes. ... (57 replies)

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