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... so, for the fifth time, I have mild anxiety as I push my cart up and down the aisles. I want to hurry up and leave. ... (13 replies)
... This is so true! Going out into the world is the best thing you can do. I once conquered my panic attacks for 13 years. They've been back for 6 years at least now off and on. More on than off the last 3 years. I know I have to get back out there and exercise is very good, too. Every morning I wake up sick with anxiety at 4:00a.m.!!! It's miserable. All I want to do is... (22 replies)
... of the house for six months and about seven years ago I had really bad panic attacks and I think I stayed in for about three weeks. When I was 12, I got over my anxiety and went back to school because I decided that I wanted to live again. My mom put me in a small private school, but it was very difficult at first. ... (22 replies)

... i tend to get dizzy spells when i'm out in a store or somewhere where i think i'm tied in....espeically when i'm in line.....or with the customer service person.....i can't leave when in middle of transaction... ... (15 replies)
... The most effective way to finally give the long lasting relief for panic attacks and anxiety is simpler than you think...Forget the antidepressants, vitamins, supplements, and alcohol to try to supress symptoms... ... (6 replies)
... of people and many social settings. Then all of a sudden.... BOOM.. A great PANIC fear of leaving the house, driving, being around people, it could hit me in the grocery store, or anywhere out of nowhere, it made no sense. ... (4 replies)
... n how I got back was by making myself go places and putting myself in situations I didn't really want to be. One little success was the first step. A trip to the grocery store where I made myself go in and stayed in until the groceries were paid for. Just knowing I could do that gave me a boost of confidence. ... (22 replies)
... Well - at last!! I'm convinced I'm not the only crazy idiot in the world. Maybe all the so-called normal people are the crazy ones??? I have the exact symptoms you all listed. In fact - most of the time my husband does the shopping. (thank God he's willing). I read somewhere once that the lights and rows and rows of stuff you are looking at can make you dizzy. I get this... (22 replies)
... I wanted to share a post with you that I have on the anxiety board.. I think it will ease your mind knowing that what you are experiencing and describing is most like panic attacks.. ... (7 replies)
... I almost didnt read this thread because it said something about experienced members, but I am glad I did, I am very new to the panice/anxiety thing, so new I really dont even know what I am supposed to call it or what the difference is, but anyways, I am soooo happy that i read this thread becuase this EXACT thing happened to me yesterday when I walked into this large... (7 replies)
... The anxiety and panic attack workbook by Edmund Bourne, PHD from Amazon, in case anyone else wants to pick it up. ... (4 replies)
... I have the same problem. I can be feeling totally fine, anxiety free, then walk into the grocery store and feel totally out of it. Years ago I used to work in a grocery store and usually had my worst attacks there. At the time, never put two and two together. ... (3 replies)
... You have developed anxiety due to your illness, worrying about it and also what you've been through and you have every right to feel this way. ... (5 replies)
... I too had a fear of huge crowds or people in places where there wasn't a lot of room. In the grocery store, people walking by me with carts and kids made everything go wierd. I felt that I was going to lose it. ... (12 replies)
... Hi Run, I can certainly relate to your anxiety and the fact that a young person that appears to look fine on the outside may not be taken seriously. ... (13 replies)
... I just wanted to put in an update. My anxiety attacks over wetting myself in public have gotten a lot better since I have found these pads. ... (57 replies)
Oct 21, 2003
... i'll never forget the first thing that i did, i was able to go into the grocery store,not far but just where the gum was and actually stood in line and i didn't pass out,yea!!!!!i did the coping skills she told me to do. ... (8 replies)
... Also, I went shopping last night. I looked up an anti anxiety diet on the internet. So I went to the grocery store with a list. ... (7 replies)
... I've had an anxiety disorder most of my life and thought I had had every symptom. But a few years ago I traveled across the country. ... (10 replies)
Panic Disorder
Jan 17, 2012
... OMG! I TOTALLY get the grocery store thing. I was so bad at one point during the years, that I would actually leave a full shopping cart sitting there, and walk right out of the store! Haha! ... (9 replies)

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