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L feel crap
Sep 7, 2002
... thanx you my dear friends it meant so much to me to read your post chrys the feelings mutual you are a wonderful and special lady, andrea l hope your ok and im thinking about you last nights 'pest' was a moderate attack , i felt l couldnt breath, and my heart.........gawd thought id wake up... (17 replies)
L feel crap
Sep 7, 2002
... hi guess wot me who tells others how to cope with panic????? guess who had one last night after nearly 18 month??? ME....... l feel pathetic it happened about 2 oclock this morning, it wasnt a massive one, but l felt like l was suffocating, my heart was going crazy and it had all day its still doing it now, im really ----- off ... (17 replies)
Oh goodness!
Sep 12, 2002
... hi sorry to hear about you awful time everybody needs some stress to function........... untreated stress can lead to illness, l know how you feel cos my dad died off heart problems, and i think deep inside ithought thats what was happening to me with the panic attacks, some people have enormoussssssssss mouths and they know jack ----... (9 replies)

... Free from libarys and realllllllllllyyyyyyyyyy good self help for nerves she does mention eye problems (13 replies)
Mar 29, 2003
... I took Zoloft about 3 years ago (for about 6 month) and my side effects were insomnia and very bad heartburn. The heart burn was because I wasn't eating with them. Now I've been on Zoloft again for 2 1/2 months (I'm now up to 100mg) and I take it right in the middle of my supper and have not had any heartburn at all . I don't have... (7 replies)
What do you do?
Sep 12, 2002
... hi, when i first saught help for my anxiety i didnt wanna leave house i didnt want to talk on phone my mother rang doctor explained my predicment and he decided it was in my best interest for me to go to him rather than him come to me l can understand why he did that now. im sorry your feeling... (1 replies)
Hard question
Nov 26, 2002
... Hi all thats what im saying/ thinking never goes yes you can learn to deal with it but its not the same as not having it is it?? lm wondering if we suffer some kind of permanent damage to the brain/nerves wotever, maybe we all went over limit,(illness pushed) this is so hard to write l... (10 replies)
... Thanks Chrys... I am sooooooooo glad I found yous too :bouncing: I appreciate everyones input and just hearing from someone who relates is a big help. Thanks again, maybe I will sleep again soon (3 replies)
... does this mean l can come on here and moan when i might be having one??? lol hows you all doing??? good l hope good idea this take care x ps havnt had a full blown one now for20 months but... had a few niggles lately I will NOT let it happen lol (10 replies)
PVC's and dieting
Sep 28, 2003
... I'am 27 years old and i have suffered from those skip beats sence i was 19 (God i hate them) Mine got really bad for awhile to a few years ago and i also had lots of work done and the doctor says , don't worry about them! Easy for him to say, I can handle a few here and there but when i have those ones right after another they scare the **** out of me, and im afaird i'm going... (2 replies)
The Scariest Thing
Sep 17, 2003
... Hi :wave: yea i no what you guys mean, i hate having those feelings in a store , so scarey! i notice they are worse at the mall or like a casino! i try to stay away from casino's for some reason i have a panic attack in there not long after i get there, i think its the brite lights and all the people I dont no about you guys but... (17 replies)
... hi :wave:my doctor put me on xanax about 5 years ago for my heart skiping beats and being nervous all the time! i took it for about a year and when i found out i was pregnant i had to come up off of it I found it very hard to get off of xanax, if i didnt take one i would start shaking and would sneak one even sometimes until finalley... (4 replies)
... Im afraid your not the only one i had same big time (3 replies)
... l do before i even realise im anxious in certain situations l think its because l get faster my experience the trick is to ignore the pa's l counted em for a couple of hours one day and the more i expected em the more i had l had 146 in 8 hours youve been given the all clear try it... (13 replies)
... l agree with chrys i would not be happy if a doc told me 'just' that if it were one of my kids persist, i know when ive had panic attacks etc my lips dont go blue mind i have heard some where on the boards cases where anxiety attacks have in extreme cases caused a persons fingers/hands to curl, id still want proper answers book an... (13 replies)
Hey Chrys!
Aug 22, 2002
... See what I mean? I totally forgot that I posted here, :eek: until I double checked - lo and behold - here we are I guess I'm going to have to get a pad & pencil to keep up (5 replies)
Strange nightmares
Sep 23, 2003
... This is soooo wierd! When I was a child I had very strange "waking dreams" also. My body felt disproportionate too. Although I could see with my eyes that I was normal, my brain would tell me that I was puffing up like a cactus without needles. The room would get distorted like it was puffing out or something. That was the feeling it gave me. I have'nt had those "dreams"... (5 replies)
... Thank you all for the support and concerns! You are all great people He went to talk to a counselor and they gave him some breathing tips and told him that his doctor needs to up his dose(mgs) on the paxil cr. He seems real happy with her. I hope that this will continue. It sure is hard to find a doctor brave enough to care. I... (13 replies)
... 37, started at dentists in chair age approx 32/33 probally had been happening to me for years............always been a but nervy :( HI all you who remember me (48 replies)
... Hi angel, l know how you feel been there, you must occupy youself learn some good relaxation techniques and do them religiously. I felt like that a while ago l didnt even answer the phone every morning there was a cloud of doom over me had my head in bits never thought id feel 'normal?' again have ypu been to your doctor yet? l think... (2 replies)

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