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... Anxiety Disorder, hypochondria and agoraphobia. ... (2 replies)
... Hi beachbum you are describing hypochondria and its quite common for panic attack sufferers be assured that panic attacks dont harm you or lead to any serious illness feeling lightheaded is common from anxiety, relaxing yourself will stop it do you have any meds, they help often the family doesnt understand or help much so stay with us here :) gentle exercise and long... (2 replies)
My panic issues.
Apr 5, 2004
... I thought I'd just tell you about what I've gone through, and perhaps you could explain if what I've been experiencing for the past few months is actually panic attacks or not. ... (2 replies)

... hand with panic attacks. In fact most of us have generalized anxiety disorder before the panic attacks begin. Constant worrying is a clinical sign of the disorder. ... (6 replies)
Panic Disorder
Jan 15, 2012
... Hello, my name is Erin and I am happy to post with people who actually UNDERSTAND what it's like to live with panic disorder. You can tell people what it feels like mentally but they really won't be able to grasp it, as much as we may love them. ... (9 replies)
Panic Attacks
Feb 17, 2008
... HI there. I'm really sorry to hear that you are going through this. I dunno if anyone suggested this yet, however it sounds like you may be experiencing symptoms of having HYPOCHONDRIA. People with hypochondria are obsessed with bodily functions and interpret normal sensations (such as heart beats, sweating, and bowel movements) or minor abnormalities (such as a runny... (6 replies)
Jul 20, 2005
... Ah, I feel horrible for you, sweetie.. My cousin & aunt has panic attacks & they seem so scary. I had my first one just days ago from a hypoclecemic attack. I can't imagine having them all the time.. it's so scary & I think doctors should care MORE about this. I'm too a hypochondria & I think I have EVERYTHING under the sun.. I'm always worried & always scared. Everyone tries... (3 replies)
... the past, and that isn't even the real me, it's the nervous breakdown me that took over my body. Could explain why i'm so out of my mind with all this anxiety , hypochondria and other related things. ... (4 replies)
Message to Slyjohn
Oct 17, 2003
... I believe that your hypochondria will eventually go away in time too, Slyjohn. ... (3 replies)
... to rainswirls panic attacks and anxiety attacks are the same things, tyyroid problems can cause similar problems so you need to work out what the cause is and learn the difference paxil often helps a lot but occasionally never works or works a while then stops, there are many other antidepressants to try panic attacks often start after taking illegal drugs but I think the... (12 replies)
... OK. I think I've had a bit of anxiety for years. The typical hypochondria, panic, etc. I get occassional panic attacks, which are ALWAYS related to my health. I am always dying of something. I have dealt with this drug free for a lon, long time. ... (5 replies)
... induced panic attacks, the likes of which I had never experienced. Paxil worked very well for me for a long time, but I got tired of the side effects. ... (5 replies)
... ahs, don't worry, i'm fine now. when i started taking celexa, the panic attacks i described stopped. i'm sorry now that i allowed them to go on for as long as i did. ... (13 replies)
... Sounds to me that right now you have Anxiety, anticipatory Anxiety, Panic attacks...AND hypochondria... by no means am I a professional in anyway but going by my own issues...thats what I think. ... (5 replies)
... welcome it all sounds familiar your excessive worry about your health is called hypochondria, the stomach ache is probably from GERD which often goes with anxiety valium or ativan will always help if you get the dose right, the zoloft may help a lot but takes 2 to 6 weeks to start working and theres a small chance it wont work at all, the dose may need upping later zoloft... (13 replies)
Jan 13, 2005
... Though I have suffered terribly with panic attacks the last two years, the worst thing I have worried about is getting the stomach flu. Not only do I have a panic disorder, but I have emetephobia! ... (5 replies)
... Hi butterfly, perhaps you had the wrong type of therapy? the fear of death and some hypochondria is fairly common but panic attacks dont kill anyone or do any permanent harm celexa/cipramil or some other antidepressant should help you again, some valium is also helpful at the start of a panic attack or when very stressed or anxious feeling numb abd lightheaded can be... (6 replies)
... Along with suffering from panic attacks, I also have severe hypochondria. I always think I have something wrong with me. ... (2 replies)
Stomach Cramps
Jul 2, 2005
... panic attacks do run in familys learning to relax will help a lot, look up hypochondria on the net try eating more slowly chew the food thoroughly stay with us :rolleyes: (4 replies)
... look up hypochondria on the net, its a common problem panic attacks are quite different from strokes or siezures (1 replies)

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