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... I just wanted to put in an update. My anxiety attacks over wetting myself in public have gotten a lot better since I have found these pads. ... (57 replies)
... that I can't not go to the toilet for 25 minutes it fears me out so much. Then there's sitting in a boring boring class for an hour and all i can think about is wetting myself and i just panic the whole time im there. I just dont know what to do. ... (57 replies)
... of thoughts. they helped me to realise just how irrational my fear was and i find that nowadays, although i am not cured, when i need to toilet i am able to talk myself down before things escalate into a full blown panic attack. ... (57 replies)

... and i wouldn't be able to hold it in, even though i didn't even really need the toilet. I spent the rest of the night bein sooo paranoid that i was going to wet myself and everyone was going to think i was a freak for it. At points i was convinced i had wet myself, and then I'd realise that i was being completely irrational. ... (57 replies)
... sues in the past with bodily functions in public, and then now this has started. My legs get really hot sensations all the time and it feels as though I have wet myself and I always have to go to the bathroom and check. ... (57 replies)
... Iíve been having this problem too in the last month. Iíve always been an outgoing person. It started out as a bladder infection and the medicine wasnít working. I started to have panic attacks anytime I tried to leave my apartment because Iím afraid Iím going to wet myself. Iím on my 4th type of medication now the infections gone but the anxiety and the feeling like I need to... (57 replies)
... i no ive got to get over this and try and help myself or its just going to stop me doing things that i want to do but i really darent speek to anyone about it. ... (57 replies)
... he time that im going to wet myself in public, this happens at work when i'm at friends houses its embarrasing to keep making excuses to go to the toilet because im that scared of it happening but when i get to the toilet nothing. ... (57 replies)
... idea i had was to learn a language at home whilst im waiting to get CBT underway... ... (57 replies)
... i had it since i was 14 and now im 19! It has totally taken over my life, tho I have got slight better then before somehow but its still bad! ... (57 replies)
... I am having exactly the same problem--I have recently spoke up about this as I have kept quiet for years--the doctor is helping me Im starting CBT--seeing a urologist--getting all the STD checks--just checking every possible cause--however because it only happens when im around people the doc is sure its a form of social anxiety which is manifesting as a the strongest feeling... (57 replies)
... ie wearing pads or something similar, because this only reinforces that it is not irrational. So by not taking such steps i do feel better, i am not going to wet myself and thinking that i will is not going to help the anxiety. ... (57 replies)
... i have tried other means before, such as not drinking if i know im likely to be entering a panicky situation. ... (57 replies)
... yeah as i said earlier i have this problem also and it is becoming extremely difficult getting through the day especially since im only 17 but I managed to work up the courage to see my doctor and he reffered me to a counsellor and after a couple of sessions its been really helpfull. ... (57 replies)
... Hi, All i can say is that you should really really go to your local GP and ask for cognitive behavioural therapy. It took me so long to actually confront the problem, by the time i had i had no job, no social life and could barely leave the house without having a full blown panic attack, but now m life is getting back to normal, i'm looking for work and feel i could work... (57 replies)
... boy am i glad some people are talking about this. i only recently started feeling this and its honestly been terrifying many of you have said, these sensations can be very very powerful. one thing im happy about is that it seems to be only a psychological thing: at least there's nothing physically wrong with us. this gives me hope: we created this thing, we can... (57 replies)
... So good to know Im not the only one! All the therapists I've told about this have looked at me like I had 10 heads! ... (4 replies)

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