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... however it did take about 4 days after stopping the Lexapro for the burning to cease completely. ... (12 replies)
... I've been diagnosed with GAD and panic disorder with agorophobia. I've been on zoloft on and off for over year. I was just switched to lexapro . I had taken my first dose of lexapro about a week after my last zoloft dose. ... (1 replies)
Lexapro and panic
Mar 23, 2004
... I have been on Lexapro 10mg for 6 months now. It is a great drug. I too had problems taking the 10mg to start. My doctor put me on 5mg for almost a month. ... (10 replies)

Lexapro for panic?
Feb 19, 2004
... I just want to let you and others know that Lexapro is NOT the only SSRI that causes insomnia. I have also been on Paxil and Prozac and they too cause insomnia, so it is not just Lexapro. ... (12 replies)
... I stopped taking Lexapro about 3 weeks ago after talking to my doctor. I was on 10mgs a day and stopped cold turkey before talking to my doctor. WHAT A MISTAKE!!! ... (11 replies)
Lexapro Question
Jan 28, 2006
... anyway, I went on the Lexapro site itself and was reading what happened with the placebo and actual lexapro trials and I of course read them. Isn't this my heart has been skipping. ... (9 replies)
Jan 14, 2005
... when needed. A few months ago, I started taking Lexapro for depression. ... (12 replies)
... Can Lexapro help getting off benzos easier? ... (1 replies)
... Hi, I've been on lexapro for about 3 .. ... (2 replies)
... I'm glad that you're going to try the Lexapro! I was first prescribed 10mg pills but I cut them in half and only took 5mg's for the first week. I ended up staying on 5mg's for an additional week because I was having nasty heartburn but I was prescribed Nexium and that helped. After two weeks I went up to 10mg's and then two weeks later I went to 15mg's and then two weeks after... (4 replies)
... My doctor had prescribed Lexapro about a week ago. Otherwise, I was simply on Alprazolam pretty much only when I felt a panic attach coming on. ... (2 replies)
... when actually it was the Lexapro that had balanced things out for me. Many people get off an a.d. ... (8 replies)
... weeks for any SSRI like Lexapro to work completely. And 5mg is not much at all. My doctor told me, most people on Lexapro take 20 mg. I am only on 10mg right now, but I think I will have to up my medication soon. I've been feeling a little anxious again myself. ... (8 replies)
... The tough part is decided if you want to stick out the Lexapro and wait for the side effects to pass. Most likely they will in time, and many people have benefited from taking it. ... (4 replies)
... I just wanted to add my insight on things. I am currently on Lexapro 10mg. and Klonopin. I've been on all three benzo's.....Xanex, Ativan, and now Klonopin and for me, the Klonopin works the best. I started off taking 2mg a day. ... (23 replies)
... Celexa and Lexapro are just about the same. I am on Lexapro right now and it is working great. All they did was took something out of Celexa to make Lexapro. ... (2 replies)
... I am on 10mg of Lexapro right now too. It also took me a while to get adjusted to it. I just want to say that Ativan does cause depression. Benzo's do this. I have tried them all. ... (3 replies)
... Hi :wave: I guess someone edited out my link. I hope I didn't cause any trouble. I thought it was okay to post information? Anyway..... LEXAPRO was developed by isolating a part of the CELEXATM (citalopram HBr) molecule, known as an isomer. As a result, LEXAPRO appears to offer some particular advantages in the treatment of depression: In clinical trials, LEXAPRO 10... (3 replies)
... I'm currently in a bad situation. I had anxiety with panic attacks, got it under control with Lexapro and eventually weaned off of it and felt great for a while. I had a bad episode with caffeine, and the anxiety and panic attacks came back stronger than ever. ... (1 replies)
... My advice would be to wean off the Lexapro and give it a shot and see what happens. You may be surprised how you feel. ... (8 replies)

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