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... I see where most of you have used the Linden Method for panic attacks but have any of you used it for social anxiety? ... (42 replies)
... I wanted additional information on Prozac. He said that the makers of Prozac a while back were marketing Prozac under a different name for PMS sufferers. How about that. He said it really is one of the best meds out there for that and also if you tend to be tired. ... (42 replies)
... Or how long did it start to work for you? ... (42 replies)

... that when I did come off of Celexa my anxiety didn't come back. The doc says that that is what usually comes back first. So I am bit excited in that I think the Linden Program is helping. ... (42 replies)
... Jane, I read someone's post about Prozac making anxious people more anxious, which may lead to panic attacks. Does your doctor think it is posible? ... (42 replies)
... I agree with you on this but..... some of us panic sufferers have things like Brain fog, or a chem imbalance and medication is needed for these things. ... (6 replies)
... ulur disorder". It has something to do with the imbalance of inner ear pressure. I read from another post that inner ear problems can often lead to anxiety and panic attacks. It is probably my case! I am doing occupational therapy exercises now and hopefully the dizziness will get better soon. ... (42 replies)
The Linden Method
Nov 30, 2003
... Yep i bought it, its got some information in it that really gives u a kick up the back side!! helped me. You just have to follow it well. It costs alot!! im selling mine on ebay as i do not need it anymore. I have learnt alot of it in side out. (3 replies)
... Has anyone ever heard or used the Linden method to beat panic attacks. ... (3 replies)
Linden Method
Feb 28, 2004
... weeks even if you are paying for it. Plus there are some great free and inexpensive resources available for CBT that I try and point people to. In the been there book Obitz coined a phrase for what many therapists create called "Therapist Junkies. ... (13 replies)
Linden Method
Feb 27, 2004
... telephone numbers starting with +44 are in the UK. I also saw the linden method a while ago and posted about it, my point was - If I found a cure for panic attacks I would not be charging for it, as a panic sufferer he should know how horrible the are and shouldn't be making money out of it (13 replies)
Linden Method
Feb 22, 2004
... k like an amateur self promoter. He claims to have been diagnosed at 24 and is currently 36. He shows a picture of himself in 1996 that is presented as being pre Linden Method, yet he says that he developed the method over seven years and claims to have treated over 5000 people for panic attacks over ten years? ... (13 replies)
Linden Method
Apr 21, 2005
... Anxiety now starts first for me, the symptoms come but it's the mind that makes you interpret the symptoms as something worse causing panic. ... (19 replies)
Linden Method
Apr 14, 2005
... Well i am cured from panic and have been for a while. I just bought this for anxiety relief. ... (19 replies)
Linden Method
Jun 14, 2005
... Hi, i'm new to this site. I just read this entire string on the Linden Method and want to add to the thoughts. I can happily tell everybody reading this that Immortal is on the right track. ... (19 replies)
Linden method
Aug 18, 2004
... i have tried the linden method !!!!!! it worked great for a while. ... (8 replies)
... I bought the Linden Method. It's quite good as it makes 'simple' sense of panic and has a few good tips. I wouldn't feel it's the answer to everything but it's not a waste of money.That's in my opinion anyway. ... (4 replies)
... Rushed to the ER There was nothing wrong with me, they put me on EKG and my heart rate and motion was fine. That was my first panic attack... ... (1 replies)
... Thank You for your input Hopefull Doll, it is very confusing with all the different books and stuff telling different ways to deal with your panic attacks, I guess each person just have to find which one works for them. ... (4 replies)
Linden Method
Apr 27, 2005
... Immortal and you sound ..I can't think of the word...just so NORMAL now. I'm so happy to hear that you were able to teach your mind how to overcome the panic attacks. Where is it that I can find the Linden Method? ... (19 replies)

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