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... but I started to have what I thought was a panic attack. ... (4 replies)
... asnt ready to grow up. I couldnt handle all the responsibility and still felt like i was an immature kid inside. I longed for the days of parties, girls, getting drunk with my best friends, living under the same room as all my best friends, the bars.... ... (5 replies)
... The xanax will make you drunk feeling and dizzy until you get used to it but if you only take it as needed you might have to put up with that side effect. ... (13 replies)

... Yes I have been taking xanax when I feel an attack coming, and it usually works, however it makes me very drunk feeling and dizzy. ... (13 replies)
... Ive heard that zyprexa will reduce panic attacks but you obviously took too high a dose the doses of all anxiety meds need to be specially adjusted for you, this can involve cutting the tablets into halves or quarters, a pill cutter only costs a few dollars and makes this easier also these meds can make you feel drunk or drugged until you get used to them, so a low... (8 replies)
... My panic disorder originated from weed. I've had General Anxiety disorder for years, and I've been manic depressive since I was about 10. ... (4 replies)
... mes like i cant touch anything, or that im just completely disconnected from everything, its hard to describe in writing but its really strange and although i am drunk and it probably makes them stranger its hard to beleive that a simple panic attack can bring on all these feelings but im pretty sure it is! ... (23 replies)
... I had panic attacks with all the symptoms. ... (0 replies)
Feb 3, 2008
... I have not been diagnosed with panic disorder from a doctor, but do struggle with anxiety and depression. I have tried medication and did not like how I felt while on them. ... (1 replies)
... helped me in the beginning when I had panic attacks... I never took more than needed because I didn't want to get addicted, but I SWEAR they saved my life and sanity. ... (12 replies)
... Hi. I've been experiencing panic attacks since january of this year and i finally got to a doctor who perscribed me lexapro. I had been on paxil for about 6 mos. ... (2 replies)
... everyone needs a different dose of these valium type meds, strong sedation or feeling drunk is a common side effect when starting, the dose should be reduced for a while, be very cautious if driving they all work fastest if disolved under the tongue, see sublingually on the net a largish dose of klonapin or any other valium type med taken this way will stop or greatly... (7 replies)
... t as much feeling detached from myself but more like being in a dream state or being drunk and dizzy. Also, all of this got started with a few panic attacks that i had. ... (1 replies)
Paxil is evil!
Mar 16, 2004
... Hi Beck:) Did you taper down when you decided to get off the Paxil? For me, a doctor I had been going to for a very long time decided to give me paxil. I was having mild anxiety so her started me on it. Well, his nurses gave me some samples and the samples were 25mg. I was supposed to break them in half and they didn't tell me to do that. I started on 25mg. On the 4th day,... (6 replies)
... felt fine but as soon as this happened I started to panic, and like you everytime I did it after that I felt weird, not panicky cos I hadn't really experienced a panic attack before. ... (4 replies)
Constant Dizzyness
Sep 27, 2003
... sorry to hear you are also dizzy all day! I am a dizzy suffer and it goes from dizzy to a swaying or motion sensation or a heavy head lightheaded feeling, I have panic attack, anxiety and also lyme disease. ... (7 replies)
... always suck for me cause of drinking fri and sat. Like last night I drank a lot, prob like 3 beers, 5 or more captain and cokes and a few shots...and I was very drunk and today I feel like trash, but I sure had fun so I just learn to deal with it... ... (5 replies)
... For me I'm new to this panic disorder stuff. So I'm anxious about drinking right now. I can manage a beer or half a wine....and once I get the anxiety down I feel relaxed a bit. Some. ... (29 replies)
... xanax is very helpful for panic disorder and 1 disolved under the tongue will stop a panic attack so carry a few with you when out yes it does depend on the dose, start with say half a mg, the tablets can be cut you may feel drunk at first but this soon will pass as you get used to it (2 replies)
Is Xanax For Me???
Sep 20, 2004
... the drunk or zombie feeling comes from too large a dose, everyone needs a different dose and the starting dose should be smaller, split the tablet into pieces. ... (9 replies)

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