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... A pshycologist generally knows what she or he is talking about and tells the Pshychiatrist the symptoms so he or she can prescibe medicaitons. Some good Pshychiatrist acutally want to hear it from you themselves instead of getting it second hand from the writtings of a pshycologist, therapist or counselor. ... (13 replies)
... HI all I have been suffering from panic attacks for over a year now. I recently was weaned of Lexapro, I was seeing a psychiatrist and realized I don't need the medication anymore. Now its been about 3 months since I have been w/out the meds and am no longer seeing the psychiatrist. However, the past month or so I feel like the panic attacks are coming back. This time I... (4 replies)
... Well I found a wonderful Pshychiatrist that saved me. ... (2 replies)

... nd last night I had a bad headache so I took some advil. However, I felt really tired and blah. I don't know if its a reaction due to the advil or not. But my pshychiatrist didn't say anything to me about not mixing the two. I wonder? ... (8 replies)
... Hi Chantel- I'm doing pretty good. I'm glad to hear that thatis just the way it is in the South as I always assumed they were just doing that to me because I'm a yankee :p Glad to hear you're doing pretty good other than being tired.... As for getting off Klonopin... I was on remeron when I learned CBT (and on other meds as well for years before that) and never could have... (13 replies)
... Yea well, that's the South for you;) I am doing okay....thanks for asking. I have been pretty tired lately and feel like I cannot get out of bed, but I think that is mostly the Klonopin. My body is telling me it's time to get off and I just am not ready yet. Other than that, things are good. How are you doing? Chantel (13 replies)
... Chantel- Sorry to hear you get a lot of that where you live :rolleyes: Hope you are well! Billy (13 replies)
... LOL, your very welcome Billy. We get alot of that where I live, so it's hard to not notice it, hehehe:) Have a good day too, Chantel (13 replies)
... Hi Chantel- That's really funny :jester: I never noticed that before :eek: Thanks for brightening my day with that :angel: Take care and keep in touch! Billy (the guy who flips the bird :nono: ) (13 replies)
... Just curious.........are you showing the bird to me? LOL That little yellow man looks like he's showing the bird;) hehe! Thanks for the encouragement hun :D (13 replies)
... Let us know how it goes and see if they can refer you to one that specializes in CBT :nono: Take care Chantel! Billy (13 replies)
... Thanks to all of you that posted. I now understand the difference and I think I will be contacting a phsycologist soon. I will talk to my doctor first and see if he knows a good one. Hugs to all and thanks again:) Chantel (13 replies)
... Hi Chantel- It looks like you already received a lot of good answers about the difference. Being the resident CBT cheerleader on here I would encourage you to look for a psychologist trained in CBT though there are Psychiatrists trained in CBT as well. Be advised that a CBT therapist will not be very interested in talking about your past and primarily interested in teaching... (13 replies)
... I support seeing a psychologist. Been to both, the psychiatrist was a kook himself! The psychologist gave me the tools to function as the, ahem....well-balanced great person that I am today!! :rolleyes: Yeah, right....but I have the tools to let me like myself and others a heck of a lot more. I'm grateful to have done it. Best to you, quincy :wave: (13 replies)
... A physcologist cannot perscribe and isn't a doctor, whereas a physciatrist is. Should you want to talk to someone maybe a physcologist is better but if they feel the need to perscribe then they could contact a physciatrist but you'd still remain with them. I go to a building with both in there although I see a physcologist and he contacts the physciatrist if he thinks a... (13 replies)
... A psychologist is more of a counselor, cannot prescribe meds. A psychiatrist is an MD also & can prescribe meds. Most of the Psychiatrists around here do not do talk therapy, they usually diagnose & prescribe meds & send you to a psychologist if you want/need talk therapy. (13 replies)
... What is the difference and who should I go to? I'm sorry this is such a stupid question, but I really have no clue :confused: I am interested in trying out that cbt(?) and seeing if it works. I also think talking to someone about what I went through will help out a whole lot. Any information would be greatly appreciated:) Chantel (13 replies)

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