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... Good luck, but I will never go to a psychiatrist again. ... (7 replies)
... A Psychiatrist can prescribe medication it's a Psychologist that can't. ... (7 replies)
... feel even worse. So i ended up going to the er feeling like i was going to have a nervous breakdown. They gave me enough xanax for 5 days. I now need to go to a psychiatrist for treatment. The only thing i'm worried about is i was told that a psychiatrist can't prescribe me any meds. Is this true? ... (7 replies)

... xanax as needed is safe and wont make you feel bad, try to find a doc who will prescribe it, its a valium type med and the others work as well.see a psych if you want to but its doubtful they help much, IMO. ... (7 replies)
... I've been with my psychiatrist for 7 yrs now, i am still seeing her, and she has helped me out. ... (7 replies)
... starr, I too take Xanax. I have been on the same dose for over 6 years now. I take .50 in the morning, .25 in the afternoon if I need it, and .50 at bedtime. I have never needed to adjust my dose and have never felt the need to. The key is sticking with the dose and not playing around with how much you take. It works so well, I think sometimes people are proned to take... (7 replies)
... You should be able to get all the meds needed for panic attacks from an ordinary GP doc IMO its of doubtful benefit seeing a psychiatrist, if the GP wont prescribe what you want, go elsewhere to another GP all GP docs should now have a good knowledge of panic attacks (3 replies)
... Yes your medical doctor can prescribe them. Thats where I got mine from. I was given them for panic attacks and I take it everyday. ... (3 replies)
... Most GP docs will prescribe all the meds that psychs use, such as benzos, antidepressants, beta blockers. ... (1 replies)
... They are less likely to listen to theory or opinion because their main source of treatment is meds. And the only way they can prescribe meds is to know the symptoms and functionality. ... (8 replies)
... Psychiatrists are the only doctors that can perscribe medications for anxiety, depression etc... (7 replies)
... I don't know what i will do if i don't get the xanax. It is very comforting to me since it's the only thing that has worked. I don't want to go back to experimenting with the other meds. I'm not addicted it's only been 2 days on it. (7 replies)
... a psychiatrist. They deal only with mental disorders and are more aware of what each drug is capable of. I take xanax ONLY for my multitude of disorders and my psychiatrist has never given me flack or worried about me being dependent on it. ... (4 replies)
Feb 23, 2004
... No. They are both MD's but the Psychiatrist goes on to school to specialize in Psychological disorders and medications. ... (24 replies)
... Ok, I am going back to him in a couple of weeks, and I was wondering if you think that he would prescribe medication for all of it, that wasnt paxil, zoloft, wellbutrin etc etc. ... (2 replies)
... t want any, I was too scared to take them in case they killed me. Reluctantly the psychiatrist suggested I see a counsellor. As I was house bound the counsellor came to see me at my home. She was brilliant. ... (5 replies)
... I would suggest that you get yourself to a GOOD psychiatrist an get a proper diagnosis. Anxiety and depression are medical conditions and can be treated. A psychiatrist who also functions as a therapist is the ideal combination because you DO need talk therapy as well to help you through this very upsetting time. ... (6 replies)
... The psychiatrist that I saw said that he didn't prescribe benzos, wouldn't prescribe anything, because my father was a recovering alcoholic of 18 years. ... (6 replies)
... A psychologist is more of a counselor, cannot prescribe meds. ... (13 replies)
... Thank you. I'm going to be moving closer to family soon and searching for a cbt therapist there. (6 replies)

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