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... simply disolve a klonapin tablet under your tongue when a panic attack starts, 1 or 2 mg may be needed to control a severe panic attack breathe deep and slow, relax, dont tense up or fight back, allow time for the panic to pass dont fear panic attacks, they arent all that terrible and cant hurt you you could try an antidepressant, these often help with panic attacks,... (6 replies)
... sounds like the lexapro is doing little or npthing for you and I dont think the dose should go higher, time to swap to another antidepressant, perhaps of another type, antidepressants can and do eventually stop working for you your ativan dose is low and more will help but take it only as needed, disolve a tablet under the tongue when a panic attack starts learn CBT and... (1 replies)
... fastest way to get help is to disolve the tablet under the tongue, I dont think food makes any difference remember to also relax your muscles and breathe deep and slow, dont tense up (6 replies)

Help Me!!!!!!!!!!
Sep 19, 2004
... get some valium type meds ands disolve a tablet under the tongue when it happens, look up panic attack on the net and see if your problems are actually a panic attack there are other possible causes such as low blood sugar (2 replies)
So tired of it
Aug 21, 2004
... disolving a valium type tablet under your tongue would have helped a lot (3 replies)
... My doctor gave me Ativan. I drop one tablet under my tongue, within 20 mins feel calm but spacey, within an hour or so, Im ready to go. Usually holds for a day or so and by then I am where I need to be. ... (13 replies)
... HI jasmine panic attacks can be very frustrating, xanax will help if you disolve a tablet under the tongue at the start of a panic attack, starts working fastest that way get some books or tapes on overcoming agoraphobia or panic disorder, their are effective methods of working your way thru a panic attack try to stay calm and dont become angry, anger isnt a good way... (7 replies)
... CBT should teach you what to do and how to work your way thru a panic attack, books on it should be able to be borrowed from your library, tapes are sometimes available, or if you get panicky reading the books, talking books may be easier to cope with what I did was to relax and not fight back but to accept the panic attack and to breathe deep and slow, then disolve a benzo... (2 replies)
... Hi, when you have a panic attack, breathe deep and slow, relax, accept it, dont tense up or fight back as this makes the panic attack worse also disolve any valium type tablet under the tongue IMO its OK to leave for a while but you must return soon and not return home, its true that always demanding to return home can eventually mean this is your only way of stopping a... (6 replies)
Apr 20, 2004
... anxiety can make us pay too much attention to our breathing, or for some to monitor every heartbeat, the xanax will help, if its ordinary xanax, disolving a tablet under the tongue is fastest lexapro and other antidepressants can have severe side effects but xanax is a different type of med, similar to valium and side effects from it are only ever mild, sedation is the main... (9 replies)
Mar 13, 2004
... fairchild would get help by carrying a few valium type meds and disolving 1 tablet . ... (8 replies)
... to azarae, you have the right meds, the lexapro takes several weeks to work properly and until then can have annoying side effects the xanax dose can be higher when you get used to it, disolve a tablet under the tongue when panicky remember to breathe deep and slow when anxious, dont tense up or fight back against the anxiety or panic when the lexapro is working... (6 replies)
Waking up
Jul 13, 2003
... welcome, I have heard of panic attacks like that but didnt have them myself, the deep slow breathing reduces anxiety and you can disolve a valium type tablet under the tongue to reduce the panic attack stay with us anxiety problems on waking may be involved with realising you have a difficult day to get thru antidepressant meds stop panic attacks sometimes (5 replies)
... welcome :) lexapro and paxil are both prozac type antidepressants all antidepressants can be a big help eventually for panic disorder and anxiety but sadly they usually do make our anxiety and panic attacks worse at first :eek: it helps to reduce the dose by halving the tablet or getting a pillcutter and cutting a tablet into quatrters, try taking the dose just before ... (7 replies)
... to jih do tell the psych, this is important your med sometimes also controls panic attacks and sometimes not ask about upping the dose it doesnt matter why the panic attacksa re happening so dont waste time with psychotherapy looking for subconscious causes Instead get some self help books or tapes on overcoming panic disorder or agoraphobia and follow their advice try... (3 replies)
Left Job Need Help
Mar 17, 2006
... if the zoloft heped before with the anxiety it should help again, a cheaper generic may be avaiilable maybe your xanax dose could be upped, ask doc if you ahd also learned CBT relaxation and calming skills, you would be much better now, never too late to learn them a xanax tablet disolved under the tongue will stop any panic attack but a large dose may be needed (4 replies)
... GERD and panic attacks often go together, a psychiatrist called dr shipko has done research into the connection and probably has some info on the net any valium type tablet disolved under the tongue will reduce a panic attack, klonapin wafers, if available are helpful you do need to learn CBT and new anxiety coping skills panic attacks are often confused with heart... (7 replies)
... lots of info on the net about panic attacks and coping with them on the net although unpleasant, they wont ever hurt you any valium type tablet disolved under the tongue helps a lot (6 replies)
Oct 15, 2005
... a very useful med, works fastest if the tablet is disolved under the tongue, getting the dose right takes some experimenting, strong sedation is possible at first so take 1 at home to see what happens (21 replies)
... panic attacks wont damage the heart, panic attack sufferers dont die young and have little heart trouble chemical allergies are very controversial, the immagination can be involved a valium type med tablet disolved under the tongue helps limit a panic attack, also breathe deep and slow, try to relax, dont tense up or fight back (6 replies)

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