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... I have felt hot and sweated and also cold and shivered, sometimes with different parts of my body at the same time I took my temperature and it was always OK, suggesting the cause was anxiety if I was a woman I guess it could be the menopause :rolleyes: but I am a man.... beta blocker meds act quickly and reduce sweating and some other physical problems from anxiety ... (15 replies)
... I'm 29 years old. I suffer from panic and anxiety attacks but recent months they have been getting worse and I get them more regularly. ... (6 replies)
... I just noticed that I had anxiety when I was taking my temp and noticed when I would get that "butterfly" feeling in my stomache, my temp would also go up a bit. Has anyone notice them as well? ... (3 replies)

... I don't know where you read that but panic disorder is an Elusive culprit. It is like a shift changer and is only your brain playing tricks on you. ... (7 replies)
... Now that the cooler season is coming, do you find your anxiety changing? ... (1 replies)
Hard question
Dec 1, 2002
... If you expect it all to go away, then you don't understand how and why it's all happening. ... (10 replies)
... I seem to have that problem right now. Whenever I go to the doctor he finds my blood pressure very high because I get very anxious and I panic. My doctor doesn't seem to worry too much about it because he knows of my anxiety problem. I am very worried though. ... (14 replies)
... ou really feel you are ready to cope with reading about things, if you ever do. I did the same thing at one point with an obsession with taking my blood pressure and temperature. ... (14 replies)
... It is alright to check yourself out every now and then for blood pressure or temperature but don't get in a habit of jumping right to the thought that you need to do this with every sensation. ... (7 replies)
... ations down the left side of my body, I have actually had my left side become frozen like I was split down the middle. I have had Ctscan, MRI, Blood, Sleep tests and seen 11 Specialists and Doctors not including the testing Doctors. I get cramping in the left side that differs constantly. ... (1 replies)
Always Cold
Oct 19, 2005
... with me, any sudden temperature change can cause a severe feeling of being chilled, followed by prolonged and severe shivering that makes me shake, and isnt reduced much by my getting warm, my body temperature is always normal. ... (2 replies)
Can anyone relate
Feb 10, 2004
... Has your general body temperature dropped? ... (3 replies)
... Hm, this seems like a very good topic! I'll throw my input too. These are my symptoms: During an attack: -Extremely bad trembling -Chest pain (feels like it's gonna explode but at the same time like something is stretching out a million miles then it starts to race) -Heartburn -Body temperature goes crazy -"Out of it" feeling -Tension (muscles, neck) -Can't breathe (96 replies)
... I have been stressed for many years, and depressed, I would say, from time to time. I was a caregiver to a cancer patient, a ALS patient, and now a relative with macular degeneration. ... (6 replies)
... I have a few posts in the anxiety board which explains my situation if you wana read them, because they are too long to write again! ... (12 replies)
... Anyway, she ws an hour away and I think I jumped into it too quickly, decided I don't like her. ... (13 replies)
... two types of biofeedback I have come across one involves you finger being hooked to a biofeedback machine. In this you are supposed to learn how to fluxuate your temperature which is supposed to help teach your mind to become able to redirect your emotions to manipulate your body to your desired effect. ... (13 replies)
... insomnia keeps getting worse. I have been taken ambien and xanax... not helping me sleep at all. My body temperature has increased to 99 and I feel feverish.. I am going to see my psych today and tell him I'm suicidal so I can get an inpatient stay. I need help so badly. ... (65 replies)
... anxiety flight or fight response, so this is very common and perfectly normal. ... (4 replies)
... Out of body experiences, not being able to feel legs and arms. Numbness. ... (1 replies)

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