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Tingling in head
Apr 12, 2003
... in their head, especially on the top? ... (16 replies)
Tingling in head
Dec 5, 2002
... Does anyone else here have a tingling feeling down the back of their head when they have panic? ... (2 replies)
... t off. I believe it all started after i smoke some pot but whatever. Anyway for the past month or so i've been getting really bad. I went to the ER in bermuda on a vacation cause i thought i was having a seizure. ... (10 replies)

Tingling face
Nov 14, 2003
... I was just wondering if anyone else gets a tingling sensation in their face. I've had this off and on for awhile now. My dr. told me he thought it was anxiety related, but I haven't heard anyone else complain of this. ... (9 replies)
... thnaks for responding and yes im on meds 7.5 miligrams 3 times a day .and stii doesnt help .plus i take a 40 mg before bedtime .and i seem to be getting worse . ... (6 replies)
Sep 12, 2004
... Get off the med's. Get alot of exercise, and take herbs such as St. John's Warts, and Avena skullcap. Then I would suggest reading a few books on anxiety and looking over the internet on Generalized Anxiety. ... (5 replies)
Sep 8, 2004
... er, but my constant anxiety had helped me get that whopper of a headache. I've also lost many hours of my life listening to my heartbeat and paying attention to tingling sensations in my arms. It's all anxiety. All of it. I'm sure you have looked around this board. Anxiety can do soooo much to us! ... (5 replies)
... I bet that is what's causing the tingling sensations. ... (10 replies)
... Last night while about to fall asleep i started falling asleep and my head all of the sudden like spasm'd sort of and popped up. It was a very scary feeling and i couldn't go to sleep cause i thought i was gonna die. ... (10 replies)
... has any one had this feeling ,,,,on top of my head i get a tingling hot feeling and it just feels really strange,,im getting really paranoid now thats some things wrong wae my head,,im looking for lumps and bumps and every thing now,,im really bad wae anziaty but this only started a few weeks ago ,,,,,help .....if i get up in morning and get these feeling thats me panicy all... (5 replies)
... g i read your post and i felt like i wrote it. I too hvae a breathing problem and have had for ever. I always feel like i can't breathe or my breathing is always on my mind i hate it. i take Zoloft a s well and i do have tingling on my head and back and chest so weird just makes my anxiety worse. ... (3 replies)
... looking out on the world and not actually experiencing it. I would touch my hands and they looked weird and dead. ... (10 replies)
... I have had a tingling sensation on my head during panic/anxiety attacks. Also, certain medications do this to me also. I don't usually feel sore after a panic attack--normally I'm just exhausted. The soreness could be from contrating your muscles while you are having anxiety--then as it passes; your muscles relax again but are sore from contracting for so long. (2 replies)
... I get this same sensation but I get this tingling sensation on my left and right temple. It really freaks me out, I get this feeling like I'm gonna have a stroke. ... (9 replies)
... You can do it without even knowing. I don't know why a doc wouldn't pick up on that one, though. My Lamaze teacher warned us that if we felt tingling in our faces, we were breathing to quickly and hyperventillating. Just a thought... ... (9 replies)
... You're not alone. I have had the same sensation for the past 9 months off and on. It is like a tingling or pins and needles sensation over my entire face and scalp. ... (9 replies)
... rrently going to counseling. I have Ativan's and Klonopin to take if I absolutely need them, but usually don't take them because I try to get through my attacks on my own, which has worked pretty well. ... (2 replies)
... depressed if anything. I still actually don't "stress out" which is why I'm having a very hard time believing the doctors. One minute I think yes it's all in my head and the next I think I have something wrong with me because the doctors just want to blame it on anxiety. ... (6 replies)
... I was diagnoised in 2001 with Graves disease after the birth of my son and then had RAI done. That year was aweful trying to get adjusted on my medicine. ... (5 replies)
... Hi, I just read your post. I am 24 and have had very similar symptoms for the last 9 months. I thought I was the only one out there who has a tingling face. ... (15 replies)

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