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... the fastest way to get anxiety relief from any valium type med is to disolve a tablet under the tongue, this bypasses the stomach and gives help sooner, dont swallow for a while see sublingually on the net klonapin wafers and niravam are 2 benzos specially designed for being disolved in the mouth for anxiety relief but all the others are helpful, niravam is fairly new... (5 replies)
... Can I dissolve this under my tongue? ... (5 replies)
... I had no idea you could dissolve klonopin under your tongue. I guess I never thought of it because it's fairly fast acting. Thanks so much! ... (5 replies)

... Thanks for that tip hry33, I remember you saying it was ok to disolve it under the tongue but I never knew why. Now I will not swallow for awhile, before I just let it half disolve and then had water. ... (5 replies)
... benzos such as xanax, valium, etc are good for reducing panic attacks and tablets are often carried for unexpected panic attacks or anxiety, fastest way for help is to disolve the tablet under the tongue, or sublingually( not for slow release versions) also some taste horrible.... On the sub-lingual issue... If you swallow the med with liquid, it goes into your stomach, is... (16 replies)
... welcome :) lexapro and paxil are both prozac type antidepressants all antidepressants can be a big help eventually for panic disorder and anxiety but sadly they usually do make our anxiety and panic attacks worse at first :eek: it helps to reduce the dose by halving the tablet or getting a pillcutter and cutting a tablet into quatrters, try taking the dose just before ... (7 replies)
... xanax is actually a much milder med than your antidepressants and is helpful for anxiety but not depression, most anxiety sufferers are far too sensible to become addicted to it are you saying the zoloft is helping for the panic attacks but not the depression, as mentioned your zoloft dose is low and can be upped a lot ask any doc or pharmacist xanax often sedates strongly... (4 replies)
Dec 29, 2004
... welcome caytie you should be well used to klonapinb by now and its unlikely to still make you feel drugged but if it does , take a smaller dose, the tablet can be cut into halves or quarters I dont tkink a dose lasts thru much of the next day, its better to take it only when you feel anxious or nervous, fastest way to get it working is to disolve a tablet under the tongue... (5 replies)
Help .. Please
Dec 24, 2003
... sounds like you had some derealisation, quite common with panic attacks and anxiety, xanax is very useful but disolve a tablet under the tongue only as needed and carry some tablets with you when out, addiction is much less likely this way, a xanax tablet lasts for about 2 hours tensing the muscles and fighting back isnt a good way to cope with panic, instead relax and... (5 replies)
... yes any benzo can be, not just those designed for this use some have a strange taste, some are bitter, to encourage children to spit them out the taste can be used to advantage to distract you from the panic :jester: see sublingually on the net (5 replies)
... Thanks for that info! I know that ativan comes in a sublingual form, but from your post I gather than it would work, even with a regular pill? Would there be any problems with the dose, eg. you are getting more of the drug quicker by bypassing the stomach. I'm wondering if that would make a difference or not. (5 replies)
Mar 27, 2006
... any antidepressant that works for you will be a big help with the panic attacks and may stop them completely, maybe you should try the paxil again tell us more meanwhile, disolve a valium tablet under the tongue at the start of a panic attack, breathe deep and slow, try to relax, dont tense up or fight back (1 replies)
... to jih do tell the psych, this is important your med sometimes also controls panic attacks and sometimes not ask about upping the dose it doesnt matter why the panic attacksa re happening so dont waste time with psychotherapy looking for subconscious causes Instead get some self help books or tapes on overcoming panic disorder or agoraphobia and follow their advice try... (3 replies)
Left Job Need Help
Mar 17, 2006
... if the zoloft heped before with the anxiety it should help again, a cheaper generic may be avaiilable maybe your xanax dose could be upped, ask doc if you ahd also learned CBT relaxation and calming skills, you would be much better now, never too late to learn them a xanax tablet disolved under the tongue will stop any panic attack but a large dose may be needed (4 replies)
... GERD and panic attacks often go together, a psychiatrist called dr shipko has done research into the connection and probably has some info on the net any valium type tablet disolved under the tongue will reduce a panic attack, klonapin wafers, if available are helpful you do need to learn CBT and new anxiety coping skills panic attacks are often confused with heart... (7 replies)
... lots of info on the net about panic attacks and coping with them on the net although unpleasant, they wont ever hurt you any valium type tablet disolved under the tongue helps a lot (6 replies)
... beta blockers reduce the physical but not mental problems from panic attacks, such as blushing sweating, racing heart, adrenalin surges, etc they also lower bloodpressure and doc should monitor this panic attacks although unpleasant cant hurt you, dont fear them you shouldnt tense up or fight back against them but accept, try to relax and breathe deep and slow, if its a... (8 replies)
Oct 15, 2005
... a very useful med, works fastest if the tablet is disolved under the tongue, getting the dose right takes some experimenting, strong sedation is possible at first so take 1 at home to see what happens (21 replies)
... panic attacks wont damage the heart, panic attack sufferers dont die young and have little heart trouble chemical allergies are very controversial, the immagination can be involved a valium type med tablet disolved under the tongue helps limit a panic attack, also breathe deep and slow, try to relax, dont tense up or fight back (6 replies)
... to louane sounds like anxiety, but remember that anxiety or panic attacks never cause anything bad to happen try to relax and breathe deep and slow, dont tense up or fight back a valium type tablet disolved under the tongue will help to calm you a lot (2 replies)

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