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... the fastest way to get anxiety relief from any valium type med is to disolve a tablet under the tongue, this bypasses the stomach and gives help sooner, dont swallow for a while see sublingually on the net klonapin wafers and niravam are 2 benzos specially designed for being disolved in the mouth for anxiety relief but all the others are helpful, niravam is fairly new... (5 replies)
... lingual is absorbed through the mucus membranes in the mouth which per square inch have many capillaries into the bloodstream, and voila! more quickly effective because you skipped the whole route of first pass metablolism in the gut. ... (16 replies)
Aug 23, 2004
... Hi Fred, 2mg is only a small dose for most people and yes another tablet disolved under the tongue would have helped a lot with the panic attack remember with a panic attack, accept it, dont pretend it isnt happening and dont tense up or fight back, breathe deep and slow and wait for it to pass carry a few valium tablets with you when out, very reassuring to know you... (7 replies)

... HI lotus a typical zoloft dose range is 50 to 200, maybe your dose needs upping? discuss with doc or a pharmacist a largish dose of any valium type med will stop any panic attack, dead in its tracks :p works fastest if disolved under the tongue, see sublingually on the net, valium goes well with zoloft shallow breathing is bad for anxiety although it can be pleasant and... (2 replies)
... Hi a beta blocker med would be best for your BP as this type also calms your body and reduces the effect of anxiety and panic on the body but not mind the other types of BP meds dont, sadly not all docs know this all the others you mention are valium type mesds and are basicly all the same, despite the companies that make them claiming special benefits from theirs, the... (2 replies)
Aug 22, 2004
... to fred 2mg is only a small dose, try 5. yes more during would have helped, disolved under the tongue gets it working fastest (7 replies)
... theres no need to be frightened of doctors, although some people are print out your post and take it to a GP doc for him to read, many people see docs with problems like yours so the doc wont be surprised he will check you out and probably get some tests done it does sound like panic attacks and also phobias, read up about panic disorder and agoraphobia on the net panic... (1 replies)
... Hi sweetums, I had my first panic attack at age 16, you need to build up a collection of books on overcoming agoraphobia, panic disorder and panic attacks and perhaps read them to daughter, all the info needed is in books, many written by former panic attack sufferers the tablet would be some type of valium type such as xanax, these are very helpful and not addictive to... (6 replies)
Dec 31, 2004
... its a long lasting valium type med, sometimes called klonapin or rivotril, taken sensibly its very useful for anxiety and a tablet disolved under the tongue will greatly reduce any panic attack taken sensibly its not addictive and has been in use all over the world for 35 years, so is well understood theres a huge amount of propaganda against it and other valium type meds,... (2 replies)
... HI cindy, i agree with chuck's comments paxil is merely 1 of many prozac type meds, a SSRI type antidepressant, paxil does have the reputation of being unusually difficult to stop, also the CR version is sometimes lots more expensive and I doubt its much or any better than ordinary paxil, I would take ordinary prozac, its been the most researched one of all these meds, it... (2 replies)
... everyone needs a different dose of these valium type meds, strong sedation or feeling drunk is a common side effect when starting, the dose should be reduced for a while, be very cautious if driving they all work fastest if disolved under the tongue, see sublingually on the net a largish dose of klonapin or any other valium type med taken this way will stop or greatly... (7 replies)
... welcome :) lexapro and paxil are both prozac type antidepressants all antidepressants can be a big help eventually for panic disorder and anxiety but sadly they usually do make our anxiety and panic attacks worse at first :eek: it helps to reduce the dose by halving the tablet or getting a pillcutter and cutting a tablet into quatrters, try taking the dose just before ... (7 replies)
... Hi Arizona look up fight or flight response on the net also look up GERD which is common with panic attacks alprazolam or any other valium type med in a large enough dose will greatly reduce any panic attacks and works fastest if disolved under the tongue, klonapin wafers are especially designed for panic attacks but may not be available in your area the lexapro takes 2... (2 replies)
... Hi lots of info on panic attacks on the net, any stressful situation can cause one it it happens again breathe deep and slow, try to relax, dont tense up or fight back get some valium type meds from doc and disolve a tablet under the tongue perhaps surprisingly, valium is the best med to reduce the effects of a panic attack klonapin wafers, if you can get them are a... (3 replies)
Bad Week
Sep 2, 2004
... klonapin and xanax are both valium type meds with little difference between them sometimes sevearl antidepressants have to be tried before finding 1 that works and has only mild side effects a dose of K wont last all day so carry a few tablets with you when out and disolve 1 under the tongue if a panic attack starts a longrunning panic attack can be stopped with a large... (6 replies)
... to paul, sounds like you have some hypochondria, this often goes with anxiety, an understanding doc can help, self medication with alcahol is the traditional remedy for anxiety and panic attacks, many rely on it too much and become alcaholics without wanting to, a few manage OK but booze is far more addictive and risky than valium a FEW VALIUM TABLETS CARRIED WITH YOU FOR... (6 replies)
... an excuse when a panic attack hits is to say you have a severe migrane, this is socially acceptable, disolve any valium type med under the tongue for fast relief, breathe deep and slow, relax and dont tense up or fight back against it wait a while then continue with whatever you were doing, dont go home! a daily dose of any valium type med for the first couple of weeks... (2 replies)
Mar 17, 2004
... diazepam is valium or a generic version of valium, its just as good as xanax for panic attacks, xanax has been highly promoted and advertised for panic attacks, and earned a bad reputation with some docs. these meds act quickly and, IMO its best to take a small dose on days you expect will be stressful, and always carry some tablets with you when out, simply disolve 1 under... (1 replies)
... IMO you need some more xanax, or any other benzo or valium type med, to calm you for now, also when the zoloft is working, you may still need occasional xanax, etc Try other docs, older docs are generally less anti xanax. ... (15 replies)
... ambien is calming and unlikely to cause panic attacks, ambien is mostly used for sleep, any benzo or valium type med would be better than it though quitting caffiene causes anxiety problems although in general, panic attack sufferers are better off with no caffiene effexor is an antidepressant and these meds do reduce or stop panic attacks and anxiety for about 70% of... (11 replies)

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