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... In fact, the likelihood of ACTUALLY wetting yourself is very low. ... (57 replies)
... What you need to understand iman2206, is that every time you avoid drinking, or use the toilet forcibly, you're subconciously convincing yourself that your fear of wetting yourself is genuine. ... (57 replies)
... and I found myself skipping lots of lectures simply because I could not bear getting on a bus and running the 'risk' of wetting myself on a journey that took just 40mins. ... (57 replies)

... THIS PROBLEM IS PURELY PSYCHOLOGICAL!!! There is nothing medically wrong with you! Your bladder is fine! So the first thing you have to do is get yourself to a psychologist, they can help soooo much! ... (57 replies)
... for the person above I'd recomend you put yourself through a stressful situation, but don't drink anything for atleast an hour before you put yourself through it. This way there would be no possible way to wet yourself. ... (57 replies)
... oilet and gradually I worked my way up to harder and harder situations. It is a fear, like a phobia almost, and the only way to get rid of a fear is to condition yourself to the situation you are so afraid of. ... (57 replies)
... Hi there Jo Jo, I would advise wearing padded pants intially. The reason behind this is that you can say to yourself that if the worst did happen then it would not be seen as it would be absorbed into the pants (short term solution allowing you to get out more , live somewhere near a normal life and not being in constant fear). This will reduce your anxiety. Next you... (57 replies)
... Stumbled onto this thread this evening. I promise you this is a good idea. I don't have this fear except in ONE circumstance. On airplanes. I have had to take several really long flights and I've read one too many stories about people being forced to stay in their seats or not allowed to the bathrooms for various reasons. So before the first trip I tested an adult diaper... (57 replies)
... Firstly, well done for being brave enough to talk about this. Secondly, I have the same problem (almost better after nearly 6 years) as you and know EXACTLY how you feel. Thirdly, I can tell you that there are many ways to overcome this, and you will find the right one for you soon enough. My advice is to see a counsellor, they are excellent in assisting with you finding... (57 replies)
... start slowly! it's purely psychological and a comfort thing. try convincing yourself that you love work, it's somewhere you like to be and are comfortable around all those people.... ... (57 replies)
... These posts make me feel so much better about all my fears. I had the opposite problem when I first had a boyfriend and spent the weekend with him - I couldn't go - I think it's called stage fright. I spent the night at my friend's house and every time I tried to do a wee that night I couldn't. When I finally went home I was in agony. Maybe you should wait until... (57 replies)
... i would be ded gratefull if you could give me some more advise about how youve helped yourself im only 21 and i dont want this to go on for the rest of my life. ... (57 replies)

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