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... If you are responsible some doctors will tell you that being on a low dose of Xanax and drinking alcohol is okay under some circumstances. However, Doctors will differ on this as well. ... (4 replies)
... which is very similar to alprazolam. I have found it is NOT a good idea to drink alcohol with it. Once, I took a 1mg tab, then started drinking an hour later, got way more trashed than I anticipated, passed out and woke up the next day at suppertime! ... (5 replies)
... t drink anything that's mixed with Grapefruit juice...I'm sure your bottle has this warning, but just in case... apparently there's some kind of reaction between Xanax and Grapefruit or it's juice. ... (5 replies)

... effects. I, like you, enjoy a few beers during the week and usually go out one of the days of the weekend. I spoke to my pharmacist about drinking and xanax and she said not to do it, and this was also reitterated in all the warnings about xanax. ... (1 replies)
Xanax & Alcohol
Jun 22, 2004
... MGS a day of Xanax for anxiety. I am never drinking more than 2 beers ever again after taking it. It is extremely dangerous. ... (2 replies)
... I dont want to become add. to xanax , so when im off work , some moderate drinking works good . ... (4 replies)
... Alcohol and Benzodiazepene's work very similar in that they temporarily rid you of anxiety. It works on receptors in your brain and the next day after a night of drinking your brain is withdrawing from that chemical change especially if you are a frequent social drinker as I was for many years. ... (10 replies)
Getting off xanax
Mar 16, 2007
... yr later it was thyriod my panic is gone so is my depression and the agraphobia i see a new dr on the 23rd and he's going to help me ween off i had no idea what xanax was at the time never heard of them or what they was used for . ... (0 replies)
... I recently figured out that unfortunate truth. And I made a big mistake and quit drinking cold turkey. Thank god I had my Xanax with me when I was at work because I collapsed on the third day and almost had a seizure. ... (13 replies)
... as coming from so the possiblity of it bieng "laced" is less than zero. I do NOT want to start popping pills right and left because my dad is severly addicted to xanax after 10 years of use and I dont want to be like that. I just want this constant state of anxiety and panic attacks to go away. ... (4 replies)
... diet sodas a day and usually a coffee in the morning. I don't know if it cancels one or the other out. I know I'm not going to go through caffeine withdrawals after 20 years of drinking it daily. Talk about a panic attack! ... (9 replies)
... oesn't seem that you are anxious, the depression all comes from anxiety. It was confirmed by an email I got from the Linden support group. Also, I noticed that after I took Xanax, I felt great and immediately uplifted. I had no depression at all! ... (42 replies)
... I thought all hell was upon me. The doctors had no clue at first what it was until it happened everyday and I was ending up in the ER almost 4 times a week. Well after that I became what you would call scared. They started me on Xanax which worked for me at first. My life could work with Xanax. ... (5 replies)
... Hey there, I happened across this board while googling the difference between Zoloft and Xanax because my old English teacher had breast cancer and was put on Zoloft for anti depressant and anxiety... ... (1 replies)
... He gave me Zoloft and Xanax. I tooked the Xanax because it was a quick fix to calm me down. ... (31 replies)
Oct 29, 2003
... Zoloft and Xanax were what started me down the road to recovery. "Jump started" me I should say. ... (28 replies)
... y just happen again, but im gonna have more to do in the near future and i do want to be able to do them, despite how difficult i find it to! so yeah what is the xanax stuff? ... (6 replies)
... I slowly started having panic attacks over a month ago after after 28 years of no symptoms. It started very slowly over time. Usually when I'd smoke pot. ... (1 replies)
I need help.
Aug 8, 2009
... To start I'm a 26m. A couple weeks ago I returned from friends with fear I had rabies. I did some research and tried to convince myself that I did not, but after watching videos of people with rabies I lost it. ... (1 replies)
Jul 16, 2006
... ldnt have sugar, caffiene, nicotine or alcohol because was afraid any of these things would increase my anxiety, cuz thats what my dr. told me. Took me 6 months after i started taking to start eating sugar and another 6 after that to start drinking. I did quit smoking though, which was a breeze, since I was on the lex. ... (37 replies)

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