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... Also, the sweating and yawning are normal with all SSRI's. I have both symptoms with Lexapro, and I'm only on 10mg. ... (8 replies)
... Joe I would not bless your trip on Paxil at all.............I say this as I am in my 7th month of benzo withdrawals...and it is HELL. I would really try to beat your ghost in the closet with yourself and GOD...not a pill that will take you down a road of 200 withdrawal symtoms worse than when you started. Go on the web and type Paxil and read all of the horror stories. God... (8 replies)
... I dont know about you...but when i took doctore said to stay away from chocalate and cofee....even tea cause the caffene does the opposite of what paxil does and can make you more panicky...thanks (8 replies)

... I started taking paxil three days ago at 20mg a night. Last night, I woke up at 4am shiverring a little, fell back asleep. Then this morning I woke up , had my requisite two cups of coffee and couldn't stop yawning. I will also shiver if i stretch my neck, which leas to more yawning! What the hell is up with that? And I am sweating after coffee like mad! (8 replies)
Paxil and Yawning
Apr 11, 2003
... Has anyone experienced excessive yawning while taking Paxil? ... (8 replies)
... I have been on Zoloft for three weeks and am experiencing the yawning as well. It's irritating! ... (8 replies)
... I was once on paxil and the constant yawning and trembling is what made me go off of it. I don't know if these symptoms go away in time or not. ... (8 replies)
... hunger' and I'm always yawning or gasping. ... (4 replies)
Paxil and Yawning
Jun 23, 2003
... I have yawning too....Of all the side effects, its the one that bugs me the least though. I can definitely deal with a little yawning, if it means my anxiety is diminishing. ... (8 replies)
Paxil and Yawning
Jun 22, 2003
... Hi. I have been on paxil for about a month now and didnt realize that yawning was a side-effect of it! LOL! I have felt bad for my friends and co-students because half way though any conversation or lecture at school i am yawning! Well I am glad to know I have an excuse! The first couple weeks I was on it I was sure My worrying and anxiety was getting worse but am now feeling... (8 replies)
Paxil and Yawning
Apr 23, 2003
... Same here. I noticed yawning the first couple of weeks, and only after a month of being on Paxil, the yawning has ceased. ... (8 replies)
... I get the same thing. At work I constantly have to fight off the sudden flashes of dizziness. Also, the weakness portion. I find myself thinking if I am having muscle issues. I think these are several issues, one I think is breathing issues caused by stress. It is known that hyperventalation causes hands and feet to become weak and vibrate during anxiety. There might be... (3 replies)
... the air hunger attacks so frequently. They havent stopped but have slowed up. I'm calmer too. I didnt really have any side effects except the above and a lot of yawning and a bit more tired, but nothing too bad. ... (5 replies)
... ship until April. In the meantime, I try really hard not to stress about it, but when i have things going on everyday and feel like an idiot for having to keep yawning and sighing, it really doesn't help much. Today I woke up and it started right away. ... (97 replies)
... So far so good j2006. When I was on Prozac before I would get a funny, tight sort of clenching feeling in my throat when I yawned. And I had excessive yawning, too. My libido has long since left me due to the pain and pain meds that I've been on so that isn't anything new. I'm only taking 20 mg once daily and I don't really know what the therapeutic dose is. for pain relief... (2 replies)
Jul 10, 2006
... Lotus Blossom, I am sitting here almost in tears because I am experencing that same exact thing as I sit here typing this. I do find the slow belly breathing does help a little, and just telling myself it is anxiety/panic. But that feeling of NOT BEING ABLE TO BREATH is terrifying. I am going for my first (in a long time) counseling appointment tonight...I wish it was now.... (9 replies)
Jul 10, 2006
... eel like the medication helps to some degree, with shortness of breath and more ease of getting air in and out but it has not eliminated my incessant sighing and yawning and feelings of wanting to suck big crazy breath's down and struggling to do so. It seems a bit easier but not sure. ... (9 replies)
Jul 2, 2005
... Why does it seem I never have trouble breathing while Im sleeping?Ive had Panic for a long time now and I sigh and yawn repeatedly(like every other breath).At times its not so bad and other times its terrible.I panic and become exremely anxious if I cant fully expand my chest to sigh,yawn,gasp or take deep breath.When I cant Iam afraid I will suffocate.This is becoming... (9 replies)
I've gone mental
Dec 20, 2004
... kat pls take my advice. ive gone through this all. i did try paxil one time and thatd be the last time!! it was the worst thing in my life!!! i paced my living rm for 3 hrs!!! i had to call the health line to make sure i was alive and id live through it!! it was the worst thing ever!! i threw them all in the garbage after that!! ive taken prozac and pretty much the same thing... (5 replies)
... i too am on celexa and that seemed to be the drug that my system handled the best. i had about 2 weeks of side effects but they were minor. a bit of yawning and a non clear head but 8 months on and i dont even notice!!! ... (4 replies)

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