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Concerned mom
May 23, 2017
I am a Mother of 3 boys ages 11, 6 and 5. This past Saturday night my my youngest son stayed the night at my cousin house his son is 8. When I went over there to pick my son up the next morning. My cousin had told me that 10 min before I got there, he was in the other room on the phone and when he came out he said the two boys were on the couch under the blanket touching each other pee Pete's. I was in shock and didn't know what to say. My cousin tells me that his son said he learned it from my other son the 6 year old. I told them I would find out from him when I got home. So I asked my 5 year old what had happened but he is very shy and won't talk in front of people especially when he is embarrassed by something. So when I left there and on my way home I asked my son what had happened. Who touched who first? Who's idea was it? He told me my cousin son is the one that touched him and told him to touch him and that it was my cousin son idea. So later that day I asked my 6 year old (privately) if he had ever touch my cousin son private are? Or if my cousin son has ever touched him? He looked at me and said no right away and the look on his face was like that is so nasty why would you ever ask me that. I told he wasn't I trouble but I need too know. And how you guys would ever know something like that. He said no mommy I'm telling the truth that never happened. So I believe him. I don't know why my cousin son would say that my 6 year old showed him. My cousin boy is 8 he should know better. Even if it was one of my son to say something like that (I don't know if it was) he should have said no. I am just in shock and don't know how too handle this. Is this boys being boys? About 6 months ago my cousin grounded his son from his phone bc he went under the ******* history and found out he was watching porn. So I am having a hard time believing this is all on my boys. I don't wanna blame my cousin son. What should I do?

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