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... ion very late. I have read through the entire post though. I actually found this post because I was searching for answers on how to handle this subject with my 11 year old that I recently discovered was masturbating. What can I say? ... (43 replies)
... I masturbated since I was 8 (without knowing what it was of course at first!) and the more my mom said it was bad the more I wanted to do it! :D Then, 10 whole years down the road I finally have sex with my boyfriend and was thouroughly dissapointed dispite having an orgasm.... ... I had thought that the big "O" was something spectacular, not something you can do on your... (43 replies)
... it has nothing to do with age, it's a natural part of being human. Geez people, this isn't the Victorian era. (43 replies)

... year old masturbating until he orgasmed! ... (43 replies)
... Ok, so I laughed clear through this post and I finally decided I have got to comment on this one. First of all your son is normal for masturbating at 11 years old. ... (43 replies)
... To children there is nothing wrong with this, it doesn't "take away" anything from their childhood or cause them to become less childlike, like I said, they don't even know what they're doing so it hardly connects to something wrong. They haven't even had sex-ed yet. There mentality doesn't change just because they may have caught on a little sooner to doing something that... (43 replies)
... My son does the same thing!!! He even lifts his leg to get a better "feel" for things. Your son is normal, just let him do his thing, but do make sure he cleans up his mess. Thats just gross! I started when I was in the first grade. I am a female too!!! It's not just guys that start at a young age. Kiesha (43 replies)
... What she is saying is that you cannot say "stop doing that until you are 14..." I agree - "get real now..." Like passing along that message is going to change a behavior???? "ok mom, I will wait two more years...." You can't turn this thing off and on. I started masterbating at a young age too. It felt great and I kept doing it. I think my hormones were very different... (43 replies)
... I have no problem with my 18 year old pleasuring himself....I get disgusted when I think of someone under the age of 13 doing it. ... (43 replies)
... It's so weird when it's your own kid, and you can never admit to yourself that they are actually old enough for that!!!! ... (7 replies)
... t age! My first orgasm came during intercourse at age 18 and I didn't even know what it was! I had never felt that incredible feeling before and it was maybe a year later that I had read the word 'orgasm' in a magazine and realized "so that's what they call that". Children having orgasms, to me, is like seeing them smoking. ... (43 replies)

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