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Nov 18, 2003
Okay, what do you do, when you are babysitting for not only family, but "friends" who are in a financial bind. And while they aren't paying you a ton of money, (because anything bit of money you bring helps) start taking advantage of you?

I am a stay at home mom of three kids. My two oldest are in school. I babysit for my brother-in-law (who he and his wife recently split * they have two children, one 4 year old whose with me daily and the other school) and for a friend who is a single mom (and can't figure out if school or her boyfriend are more important * not the 4 year old daughter). My youngest is 3 (boy and hates the girls). I have not gone back to work, because I do not want to miss the time with my son, so babysitting seemed like the perfect option.

I work with my "preschoolers" daily doing the things that I feel my child should be learning at his age. I send home letters to my parents telling them what we have done, and what we are going to do.

Now, I only charge them $2.00 an hour (and they both tell me I am too expensive) and ask that they help with the meals and snacks. First, they don't bring that over on Monday, like asked and agreed upon. Second, they will not tell me what they feel is appropriate disiciple for their child. I have simple rules these girls refuse to follow, and I have had them both for over a year. My neice I have had since she was 1. My neice tells me that in her house, she is the boss, and she basically gets away with whatever. The other little girl is a single child, so she basically gets what she wants also. My neice has a tendancy to break my sons toys. So, I have decided to not let her play with his new things. When I tell her parents that she's broken something, they litterally laugh and do not replace it (since, kids will be kids). Unfortunely, this has caused my son to not share very well. Now, my next big complaint is that they don't pay me on any regular day or time. I just don't see them going to work and not expecting to get paid on pay day. Why wouldn't they think I wouldn't want paid on pay day?

I think I do quite a bit for their kids, and get nothing in return. No reinforcements, like when your at Aunties (all the kids call me that) house, you listen to her, and to her rules. I have even had my neice tell me, that her mother says that she does not have to listen to me, that I am not her mom.

So, I guess my question to you do I handle these parents? I can not afford to give up the money I make (when they do pay me) and I do not want to give up my time with my youngest. Do you think I am too expensive or asking too much from them? Thanks in advance for your time and responses.

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