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[QUOTE=jeaniffer]My roomate/sister has two boys, one of wich is five. He gets up at the crack of dawn(6AM even though hes been told to stay in his room) before every one else and eats everything in site even whats put up high so he cant reach( he gets a chair)!!!He also destroys personal belongings of everyone in the house! This morning he not only cut up the 500$ work-out machine in the living room with a knife but he put the knife in the cushions of the couch, his little brother, his mom, the dog or I could have gotten seriously hurt! when asked why he does these things that classic "I dont know!" answer is all we get! I am so worried! How can we get across to him the difference of right and wrong? How do i help since i am an active parental figure to him?[/QUOTE]

The only thing I can suggest is that you or your sister make sure that one of you is up with him at 6 a.m. He's only five, and five year olds with no supervision are going to get into things. The fact that he can get into knives is horrifying and I can't imagine why neither of you are not totally convinced to get out of bed. All parents have to do this. It isn't that unusual for a child to get up this early. I know my son does and as soon as he's up, either myself or my husband is up as well. Just imagine - this little boy could open the door and go outside in his pajamas! Perhaps in the winter time!
It's not a five year olds job to supervise himself. It is YOUR job to keep him safe.
Is he angry with something??My son went through this destructive phase also.And I MEAN DESTRUCTIVE!!When he was 2,he would rip his border on his wall,rip apart his comforter,take anything apart he would be in contact with.I took him in to see if he had ADHD,and the pediatrician said it's too early to tell.So time went on and same thing different pile.Now he's 5.5. As for your problem,does he have a behaviour problem??Does he get bored easily?We had to take a "parenting class"to understand how to be better parents and deal with our son effectively.Since that class,he's been alot calmer and less into things.In a way,I think it was the lack of postive behaviour praised to him.We gave alot of negative attention instead of praising him for the good behaviour.It sounds like he's doing the negative attention.And sure,you'll react to what he does.But try the positive.If he stays in his room in the morning,praise him.If you catch him doing something good,praise him.Try a good boy chart?And at the end if he's been good for 1 week,he gets a treat?Let me know what you think.

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