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hey tilly-
when my son came home from the hospital, he slept in our room in a cradle. when he was about 4 months old we moved him into his crib in his own room. you are right, things do change when the baby is born but your own space is extremely important! i loved having ross in our room but when it was time to move to the crib, i saw it as a rite of passage. he was growing up. he was not traumatized at all and actually took to it very well (more interesting things to look at in his room!). now he is 2 1/2 and in his big boy bed. while it is challenging at times to make him stay in his room at bedtime, i think (and this is just my own opinion), it would have been 10 times harder for him to adjust if he had been sleeping with us until now.
i do have 2 friends who co-sleep with their kids. one says she had minimal problems moving her sons out of their bed, but the other one is still fighting getting her almost 3 year old to go in his own room.
try both ways and see what works for you! oh yeah, congratulations on your coming addition!!!!!


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