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Cal decided to stop sleeping through the night about 2 or 3 weeks ago. At first, I thought he was just going through a growth spurt because he was eating when he woke up. But the American Academy of Pediatrics handbook says that I'm only perpetuating the problem by feeding him, because babies at 5 months should be able to sleep 8 hours without a feeding and if I continue getting up with him during the night to feed him, he will come to expect it and won't go back to sleep on his own. So last night I tried the "cry it out" approach. I knew he couldn't really be hungry because He had some oatmeal and an entire 8 oz. bottle before bed at 9:00. He woke up at midnight. He cried and got madder and madder and ended up screaming for 45 minutes. I tried to comfort him and let him know I was there without getting him up. He drifted off to sleep for about 10 minutes and woke up screaming again. After 15 minutes showing no signs of letting up, I decided I needed sleep and gave up. (We're sharing a room right now.) So I picked him up and fed him, he took 6 ozs of formula, and fell asleep at 1:00 am. He was awake again by 4:00 wanting to be fed, and I just wanted to keep the peace and sleep, so I fed him again and he slept til about 8:00 am.
Also, he hates the bassinet because he can't see and he's too big for it and can't move around, we don't have room for a crib right now, and it's on it's way to San Antonio where we're moving to anyway. So he's been sleeping mostly with me.
And he WON'T fall asleep on his own at night. Out of desperation, after countless nights of rocking or bouncing and pinning his limbs down (he fights sleep worse than any baby I've ever seen) out of desperation I decided to try the "cry it out" approach, so I did the other night, and just layed him down drowsy. But he screamed for about 45 minutes (I went to him and told him I was there and it was okay every so often) and showed no sign of letting up. So I decided to pick him up to comfort him and try again the next night, and he just fell out dead asleep in my arms the minute I picked him up!!??!!??

Like I mentioned, we're moving to Texas in about 3 weeks, and our whole living arrangement and family dynamic will be changing. We'll go from living with my parents and brother (who he's attached to) to just us and DH (who he barely knows) and he'll also have his own room, crib, and a brand new environment. Is this a good time to start teaching him to go to sleep without me and sleep without comfort through the night?
Or will all this be stressful enough for him without having to cry by himself at night? I resigned myself last night to just doing whatever I needed to do for both of us to get maximum ammount of sleep, since I'm doing this all by myself right now and am the only person who has to get up with him. When we get there, DH can take some of this nighttime stuff, even if it's just going to check on him or tell him we're still here. And it's impossible to sleep in the same room with your screaming baby! So when we get there, he will have him own room and it will be easier maybe?

But then I worry that if I just keep on doing this until we move the habit will be so much harder to break. I know of 18 month olds who won't sleep through the night because mommy always gets up with them and they know it, and I don't want Cal to be one of them!!! Please help. I'm so frustrated here.

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