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Our son is almost 6 in Jan.We took an effective parenting class in September to help us deal with our son.It's not working!Before we took the class i was called a "brickwall"parent.Controlling,I guess.So after the class,I changed my ways and became a little more leniant on certain situations then I would have done before the class.WELL...our son is off the wall!Before the class we took him to the doctor.The doctor said he has a behaviour problem.Not adhd,but rather a bad behaviour.

Brief history..When son was 2.5yrs,he would rip his border off the wall,he would push his bed back and forth and broke it,he would take his toys and destroy them.
Age 3.5yrs.Same thing different pile just a little more independent and destructive.
Age4.5yrs.Again same thing only taking everything of ours and destroying it.Not listening.Doing what he wants to do and how he wants to do it.Pouring toothpaste down the sink,pouring shampoo down the sink,taking a bar of soap and smooshing it all up,getting into things that were tied up so he couldn't get in them.
Age 5.5..taking rat poison and feeding it to the dog{thankgod he didn't do it!},taking christmas lightbulbs and sticking it into light fixtures causing a zzzz.,taking a hand saw and sawing tables and chairs outside.Kicking the dog,screaming and yelling at everyone he comes into contact with.He refuses to sleep,it's like a chore.He screams and me and his dad telling us what to do,when to do it,how to do it.

We seriously are at our whits end.We spend as much time with him as we can.we go on family outings.The timeouts just don't work.He screams and yells and kicks the door.The corner doesn't work,again screams and yells.I took him to school the other day and all he did was yell at the other kids in line and I had to take him away to a quiet spot to settle down.He's also been calling everyone stupid and an idiot.We don't call him any names,nor do we scream.We put him in time out.When we ask why he does what he does his reply is "I don't know?""I feel like it"We just don't know what to do?He's uncontrollable.When he's in school he gets timeouts for not listening,he again does what he wants to do.I've spoken to the teacher to asses the situation and she has told me it's a behaviour problem not adhd.So this parenting class worked for about a month,but he's back to his old ways.We've tried as parents to discipline him the way we should,but sometimes I think this isn't working.Any suggestions???We're growing old of all this!

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