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I never had much of a problem with hitting, biting etc...but the few times it did occur at that age I did a time-out on my lap with the child facing away from me (so that it is not a cuddle time and she can't get away or hurt me.) I pretty sure that the first timeout we did was for hitting. I would tell the child how much it hurts and that "we don't hit (bite, pinch, whatever...) in this family." Then I would tell the child that I wouldn't be talking to her for a while so that she can think about how much it hurts. Don't be surprised if you get a huge fit for this first timeout! Afterwards, I would ask her if she knew what the timeout was for and I would ask for an appology. My kids were extremely verbal so I was aware that even at this age they could understand. The child is almost 2 so the timeout should be 2 minutes. I wouldn't bite back because I feel it models the behavior and you might bite down too hard. I think a child this young might only get the message that if someone bites me then I can and should bite back (just like Mommy.) I think all these posts are similar in that the child needs to understand that it hurts like a bad boo-boo.

Also, teething kids accidently do chomp on people so if there are teeth that are bothering her, give her something else to teeth on.


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