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I gotta tell you, you would be a whole lot happier about the situation if you calmed down about how you feel about it. You and DH created the habit and now you feel "played" when she wants to sleep with you? That doesnt make any sense to me. I am not trying to come off as harsh, I just dont understand all of your anger towards a 13 month old that is still very much a baby.

I understand frustration. Mine are 11, 4, 3, and 18 months so I have had more than my fair share of exhaustion. I have been upset by the situation but never once can I say I have "Had it" with them. I gave up having a solid nights sleep a long time ago so sorry to say, I just plop down and take a nap when the kids do. Sometimes its the only way to get any rest.

Do you have a bedtime ritual? I stay in with my kids and sing to them until they are asleep. I then take them back to bed if they come into our room. If the little one cries in his crib, I go in and sing again. After about a week of the same thing happening and them knowing that they arent going to get out, they stop. By not going into her room, you could miss out on a great opportunity to make her feel secure and loved.

I will close this but I have to say that I agree with your DH on the aspect that I think you are being unreasonable with a child of her age

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