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You are probably roght Mindy. I actually have "had it" woth DH in this situation. I do not expect to get her out of my bed overnight (even though it may sound that way), but I want to start working on her sleeping in her own bed. I originally wanted to start by letting her wake up in the middle of the night and letting her cry & see if she would be able to go back to sleep on her own.( like 20 minutes or so) He won't even give her chance to try that. I am not a fan of the idea of letting her get so worked up & upset that she gets uncontrolable.

It is my fault that she is in our bed & I do realize that & I wish I would have never started this whole thing. There are times that I do lay down & rest when she does during the day, but she is a power napper & only sleeps for about 15 minutes at a time does this about 3 times a day & I just get comfy when she wakes up.

Last night when she woke up I went in there & layed her down & started singing to her & that just pissed her off even more. She jumped up and grabbed the side of her crib and was trying to crawl out of it. I picked her up & stayed in her room & rocked & sang to her & she did go back to sleep and as soon as I layed her down she woke up crying again. I tried the same thing & it failed a 2nd time. So back to my bed we went. :rolleyes: As soon as we layed down she snuggled up next to me and jabbered to me for a few & then she reached over & started to play with her Daddy's hair & then she fell back asleep.

I do not think you were too harsh at all with your reply. I want some good 'ol honest suggestions here. I really try to not be "one sided" about issues & honesty does help me to realize that I do need to look at other options.

When I first brought her to my room, I did think about it becoming a habbit, but I just thought that since she stayed in our room for 7 months & then went to her own room without a so much as a peep out of her, that it was not going to be problem. Boy was I ever wrong. & I never thought that DH would enjoy her being in here with us like he has.

She is just a baby & I do realize that & I want her to allways feel safe & secure. I just can't figure out if she wakes up and is scared or just pissed that she is not in here with us. How can I tell the difference? She loves her room and we spend a lot of time during the day in there playing. She played in there last night for over an hour by herself while I was in the kitchen getting dinner ready. So I do not know what the issue is. I think I need a baby translater! :p

I am begining to think that we just need to upgrade our bed from a queen to a king & then maybe it would not be soo bad. She is not going to do anything but get bigger & get stronger. & She has shown no sign of letting up on the kicking & hitting in her sleep. :yawn: I actuall woke up at 4:15 this morning & she was actually doing a backbend over my legs & she was sound asleep. She had her head on the matress behind my legs & her feet were on the matress in front of my legs. How does she manage this???? :eek:

I will keep think of things we can do to make the situation a little easier on evryone.
Thanks for the help & suggestions!

Kim :yawn:

BTW, she takes knaps in her room everyday without a problem. If that helps?!

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