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I know just where you are coming from. My 10yo son was born with ear infections, asthma, ADD and Asperger's Syndrome (a form of Autism). I know the inside of our children's hospital better then some of the nurses.

My 7yo daughter had 3 years of upper respitory infections. (equals more trips to the hospital).

My 6yo was born with a mal-rotated bowel that we didn't know about till she almost died. She had surgery at 2 months of age. She was admitted to the hospital and I slept there for 3 weeks, during the worst snowstorm in Calgary history, so I was stuck there for over 2 weeks - I couldn't get new clothes, deoderant, anything. She also has language difficulties. No one could understand anything she said till she was 5. Now we're trying to teach her the alphabet and that just isn't catching on! lol She can't sort out sounds for the life of her.

So, after all that, lol, I know how you feel. It is hard to have a kid that is sick all the time. This year we've pulled our kids out of public school and started to homeschool. The respritory infections are gone, the colds and flus are gone. Life has been much easier on everyone. Their asthma has improved significantly.

I make sure I take time for myself. Whether it's just watching TV in the bedroom with the door shut, taking a bubble bath, etc. If you aren't feeling refreshed and strong it's so much harder to deal with sick kids.


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