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I was brought up by my mother as my dad was a journeyman bricklayer who only came home every 3-6 month so my mum was strict with us as she worked and looked after us all in a long day,our punishment was normally a spanking given either by my mother or by my auntie who looked after us when mum worked,bare bum spankings were regular as we were a handful,and always in trouble ,my auntie was a tall lady with a cast iron hand who knew how to use it,sometimes daily we would be lined up myself and my 3 brothers for a otk bare bum spanking or slippering if it was serious enough :nono: i was given the belt once by my mum when i was 9 and after 15 whacks with that decided not to let it happen again,thankfully it didnt
my brothers were worse than me thus they got slippered and belted more often,on one occasion 2 of my brothers were hit with the belt 25 times over my mums and aunties knees which made me realise that i didnt want it again
i treat my own kids in the same way though because my wife was severely beaten with a slipper when she was a kid by her mother until she couldnt sit down we have limits now for our kids of 10 bb/otk/h for a minor,20 bb/otk/h for a medium, and 15 bb/otk/slipper for a major[stealing,lying,swearing,grafiti etc,so we know we wont go to the lenghts our parents took us to we do not use belts or paddles or pumps or canes to discipline our kids
my kids are 7,7,and 5 and i can definately say we have done a major 5 times in all 3 times for lying,2 times for grafiti with a marker pen in the twins bedroom,a medium in not more than 10 occasions and a minor in les than 10 occasions,the only time i did not use this method was for my nephew who stole 50 pound from our house 12 months ago,thus i tanned his bb with a slipper then my hand until he was screaming,this was on the instruction of my sister in law :nono:

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