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I think as long as you are spanking your child for the right reasons and not because you are angry, then there is nothing wrong with it. My children might get 2 to 3 spankings in a years time. They only get a spanking for something that warrants it. I think age also has to come into play somewhere here also. For instance, my 13 yr old hasn't had a spanking in probably 5 years. I don't think it would be appropriate to spank a 13 yr old, and also at this age she no longer needs spankings because she has already learned to respect and obey us. Those are things that need to be instilled early in a child. As long as you instill these things in your children early, with a spanking now and then to reinforce the lesson, that eventually spankings become unneccesary. I also believe there are children that do not benefit from spankings. My 10 yr old son is ADHD and we have always had to pick and choose our battles with him. Even though we are dealing with some issues with him right now, he knows right from wrong and learned respect and obedience at a young age. Of course, I also know that when they become teenagers they are going to test the limits. We just have to be firm in our convictions. Of course when my children are 16 we won't be spanking them for infractions of the rules, but will use grounding as the preferred method of punishment. It would be pretty hard to ground a 5 year old. You just have to use the method of punishment that is age appropriate and find out what works for your situation.

Just my 2cents, and it basically works for us.

God Bless,
Sherry :wave:

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